The Manuscript

The Fragment, SG, 2011.

What do you think of this?

After dinner, served in Blaise´s private chambers, he unwraps an exquisitely wrought golden frame which houses a painted Mandala.

This Mandala, says Master Blaise, is depicting a Flying Dakini, also known as a Sky Dancer.

Seeing Vivian´s questioning stare, he adds:

“Flying Dakinis” are goddesses, which are also called “Khandromas”, which means “women flying through the sky”, in other words…his voice drops dramatically, …space travellers.

Close your mouth, Vivian, Corwin adds. I know you are surprised. I also felt like this when Master Blaise first told me about his theory.

Blaise carefully unwraps two pieces of old parchment.

Now look at these other items.

This one is a page from a book, an ancient one as you can see from its tattered state, and this one…is a fragment of what looks like a map.

Vivian swallowed.


How did these items come into my posession ? They have been on Druid Island for centuries. They were discovered by a Guild Traveller, a Druid, a long time ago. When this Druid came to Druid Island to die, he donated the pieces to our archives. We do not know where they come from, or what they might mean.

Vivian gingerly takes up the page. It is covered with foreign-looking characters and drawings.

The map she doesn´t touch since it looks as if it would fall to pieces any minute.

Actually, says Corwin, we don´t know. These…things… have never been translated, or even really examined. They were just exotic pieces of art guarded in the archives.

But Master, says Vivian to Blaise, how are these pieces associated with my dreams? I don´t understand.

If you would like to sit down, my dear, in one of those comfortable chairs near the fire, and just tell us about your dreams, we may find a clue. As for me, when Master Corwin here told me about them, I had an intuition.

They sat around the fire, and Vivian started to talk.

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  1. Jill says:

    slowly, slowly unfolding, lovely 🙂

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