Cosmic Pearl’s Suitcase


The stories that we have heard and that we tell become the tapestry that we live in.

We weave the threads that make up the thoughts that create the web we call the mind.



I was really drawn to the Native American art after reading two books.

Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko a novel that is itself a ceremony of healing.

Also Black Elk Speaks talks about listening to his Grandfather Warriors in the thunder and lighting, and praying for protection.


The spirited horse is a passionate traveler that can get around obstacles and climb mountains.There are two faces that we all carry …the outside face and the inside face.  I want my outside face to be soft and naive.  I want the inside face to be wise and determined, full of courage. 


The journey is a personal journey.  It is an adventure.


There will be love, and mercy.


And there will be passion and life.

And there will be stories that will be collected along the way that will re-enforce my beliefs, hopes, and love.

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4 Responses to Cosmic Pearl’s Suitcase

  1. Linda D. says:

    Fabulous work.

  2. cicadiaxiii says:

    Thank you!! I really enjoyed making the suitcase!!! I just loved getting ready for the journey.

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