Unrest at Guild Halls

Visual Journal, SG, 2008.

The Journey, Visual Journal, SG, 2009.



From   : The Lady Vivian, Sunrise Cottage, Guild Halls.

To        : Master Corwin, Druid Island, Northern Midgard.

My Dearest Corwin:

My days are passing serenely enough, though I miss you sorely.

What are you doing? Will we meet again soon? Will you come down south to the Halls to visit me?

Lately I dream profusely, of Dragons and high mountains, and I do not understand the meaning of it. I also feel the urge to start Travelling again, but do not want to leave without a clear aim, since I feel happy here at the Halls, and busy with several interesting art projects. My dreams, of late, have been truly bizarre…

Can you help me? Do you have an idea of what may be happening?

With Love,





 From   : Corwin, Master of Druid Novices, Druid Island, Northern Midgard.

To         : The Lady Vivian, Sunrise Cottage, Guild Halls, Southern Midgard.

My Dearest Lady,

I miss your physical presence too. That, before anything else. It is as if a vital part of my life was far away, though, as you know, we are in a daily contact through our quantum rythms.

As for your dreams, I have no idea what they could be, and so asked Master Blaise about it. He just chuckled (…you know him!) and said something obscure about a purple aura around our life lines. He was looking quite amused, even cheeky, so I guess that we have a surprise awaiting us at some turn.

I can come down to the Halls, if you would feel better.  My class of Bards here is on its way by itself, and they do not really need me for some time. Would you like me to pagmoo down to the Halls?

Mmmm…Dragons, high mountains and mysterious purple lights…that appeals to my sense of adventure! I can feel a big one just around the corner.

I´ll let you a day or two to arrange for some quarters for me, send me a message when you are ready. I do not need much, just a decent bed, some food on the table (and ale!) and a warm fire in the fireplace. Most of all, I look forward to seeing your green eyes and charming smile again …

Receive my most attentive thoughts, as always.

Your friend,


 PS. If I am not mistaken, Master Blaise also mumbled something about “Draco” and “stars”, so I suppose he meant Draco, the Constellation. We will talk about it when I get there.

See you very soon, dearest Vivian.

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1 Response to Unrest at Guild Halls

  1. Jill says:

    ooh something is afoot – how exciting 😉

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