Jake’s Diary 4

That Adam is… well, suffice to say he’s proving that my rights as a fictional character are being flouted once again. I gave him a diary a few months ago and he didn’t publish it! (Let’s hope this one is published) Here goes nothing…

Me and Orph are making our way along the fin of Big Plaice, head-wards, following Prune the Oracle’s advise.
Before I could stop my head spinning from THAT encounter I got some more. I looked over the edge of the fin, wondering what’s down there. Plaice swim on the sea bottom, so I wondered what Big Plaice might be swimming on top of. The answer? It was too deep to know. Orph said it could well be Bigger Plaice. But where would Bigger Plaice be? I thought. On Even Bigger Plaice? And then…? It could go on and on in the Infinite Fish Tank. So I stopped thinking about it and started to think about Prune.

Orph told me a little about her, what he knows anyway. She’s been around Big Plaice for a long long time. When the Fish Fry civilization disappeared there was only Prune left acting as a sort of guardian. She wanders around Big Plaice searching, searching for more of the eggs that had revived in my hand.

These are what remain of the Fish Fry, eggs that are hidden around. And Prune collects these and hides them in some secret place, awaiting the time when they can hatch and allow the Fish Fry to be reborn and rebuild what was lost.

That’s nice to think really. I’ve been wondering around and seeing all this desolation; empty ghost towns and dilapidated buildings. And then there’s was people’s abandoned stuff littering the ground being blown away by the, well, current, I suppose.

I think we’re getting near the head now.

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2 Responses to Jake’s Diary 4

  1. Jill says:

    mmmm the universe as an infinite fish tank – like that idea

  2. treegod says:

    The strange thing is the Infinite Fish Tank is suppose to be a star on my map-box. You could think of it as a “window” into it lol

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