Kalili’s adventure along Muntringer Road

Kalili’s adventure along Muntringer Road

Loretta and I had been walking for a few hours when we came upon a strange sight. At the side of the Muntringer Road, a long and windy road, we see what at first looked like a stack of furry brown coats. It is nestled in the underbrush outlying the forest to our right.

We step over the rocks and sticks at the edge of the road to take a closer look. Something about this discovery feels disturbing to me. Loretta seems to sense my discomfort.

“What do you think it is?” she says as we stand looking down at the pile.

“Can you move some of the top to the side so we can see it better?” I ask her.

Loretta finds a stick and clears away the top of the fur pile.

As the top layer is moved to the side we can see that it is a dead animal, probably a bear. Maybe two bears? Why is it dead? The animal on the top lies with its head hanging back and tongue lolling out. It seems to be asleep but there is not even the smallest movement in its chest. It is not breathing, I know that it is dead. The underneath one is slightly smaller and I sense that this smaller one is the child of the larger. How sad!

“Wait,” I say, “let me check in about this.”

I am distracted still by the weird energy of this land so that I have to work very hard to tune into my inner guidance. I need the assistance of my animal guides, the dragon, Keralion, (Kerry for short,) on my shoulder and the snake, Hyperia, (Perry for short) on my chest. I talk to them in their native language asking for help in interpreting what is going on here.

Perry shifts in her slithery way, finding a comfortable position. The dragon, small now for easy transport and to keep from scaring others off, bursts for a moment into his full size, (just a heartbeat, if you had blinked your eyes, you wouldn’t have noticed) and then settles down, turning around and around at first like a dog at a fireside. Between the three of us we can do this.

I am so busy with my own attunement that I don’t notice that Loretta too is engaging in her own version of the same activity.

Moments pass.

“Here is what is going on,” I turn to Loretta at the same time as she turns to me, both speaking at the same time.

“You first,” I say.

“No, you go first,” says Loretta.


I begin, “The animals are dying, on land and in the water. This land is ill. It may even be dying itself. And the animals are not able to receive the nourishment they need. This is why we are here, to help them.” Loretta nods her head.

I continue, “Perry and Kerry are very concerned. This land is sacred and holds a crucial role in the survival of the entire universe. We must work to save it as soon as possible.”

“Yes, yes, I am getting the same information. I am glad that you and I will be able to work together on this. How are Perry and Kerry able to survive?”

“They receive their energy through different means than the animals here. They are connected to a deeper source and as long as they remain connected to me, they are fine.”

“I see, ”Loretta closes her eyes to think.

I say, “I think this just confirms the importance of our first task. We need to climb Flootnern Mountain. Flootnern is a portal to the spirit world. We need to tap into it to see why it is blocked. And it will give us a chance to have an overview of the entire land.”

“Yes, but what should we do with these bears?” Loretta asks.

“We will bury them and then perform a ritual to honor their spirits before we move on,” I say.

“Yes, that sounds right,” she says.

We gather our energies to prepare for this ritual.







About kalilitraveler

Artist and writer, I create healing dolls and write stories about them.
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2 Responses to Kalili’s adventure along Muntringer Road

  1. vivian says:

    Mmm…Looking forward to what happens next! 🙂

  2. Thanks! Me too!

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