Leaving An Feppia

by Zentara Shadowsoul

As I wandered back to the place that had been my home for the last three weeks or so I could sense the change outside the protected zone. The weather had turned. Blizzards had abated and the snow thawed. It was indeed time to move on. And as I expected, my grandfather was waiting for me in the main chamber of his home.

“I will take you most of the way to An Reviniba,” Ferantu told me. “The ruins of what you term Shay Town may be of interest to you but I confess that I have no love of them or of the memories surrounding that place. I’ve already packed enough food for the journey, it only remains for you to ready your own belongings. I can harness Ghost for you, if you wish?”

I nodded, thanking him, then went and gathered my things, placing the stone egg carefully within the box containing my journal and a small drawing that I had done of one of the plants within An Feppia. I sighed. Such a wondrous place, a place of beauty. In some ways I was reluctant to leave but I knew deep within me that it was time to continue my journey, my quest. And so I packed all that I had into my saddlebags and took them outside, where Ferantu had already prepared Ghost. The horse whinnied and nudged me happily as I strapped the bags onto his back. He, too, I realised, had grown restless and was ready for new adventures.

And so, with a final look around An Feppia, we set off along a trail that led us past Tegia du Ezhiz where my mother’s ashes were scattered and up a gently twisting path through the rocks, the trees whispering blessings for the journey as we passed from the Vale and into the forest.

For more about the drawing and my personal journey, see here.

About Linda D.

A mixed media artist and writer from Sheffield, England.
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