There is just something about whale riding.

As we flew towards the Hyden Sea the afternoon was winding down. The water was an amazing shade of deep purple with flecks of blue and gold bubbling in the surf. The sun was low on the horizon against a deep orange and pink sunset. The sky behind and above us was dark blue, and the Old Moon Triton a brilliant red, It was just ahead of us, almost over our heads; it looked like a boiling hot ball of lava.  Far south a tiny small blue moon was also on the horizon, the three creating the illusion of a triangle in the sky.

I asked Diga about moon meet and she told me that this was when the two moons were at the same point overhead in the sky.  The tiny blue moon would be in-between us and Triton. At that time, and that time only the Zsu Zsus could communicate with the Triton. The Tritons were very much revered and they influenced the Zsu Zsu in many ways, sharing knowledge about many things. Diga also explained that the Tritons only shared within the Zsu Zsu culture and that no other beings were permitted to hear their teachings during moon meet.

We arrived at the beach on White Shell Island, which was an island a long time ago but was now attached to the mainland.  Jagon and Crystal were already there and they introduced us to two others, the Governor and John who had set up a well stocked campsite. Jagon told us to make ourselves at home while the four of them waded into the surf and out beyond where the waves were breaking, and then slowly they were lifted up and appeared to be standing on the water.  “They are being carried by the fish” Diga reported.

“I once rode in a fish driven boat myself!” I replied.

“Its nice you remember some things” Diga responded

“What have I forgotten?” I asked

Diga laughed and said “how could you remember” and threw a pebble at me.

After a few moments large white shapes began to emerge from the sea, first Jagon slipped onto one, then Crystal followed by the Governor and John. Each whale would quickly submerge under the water once the rider climbed on.

“Let’s get closer” Diga said in a low whisper.  I climbed on Digas back and we flew out over the water. Diga soared low, wings clipping the waves just as Jagon popped out of the drink with a huge splash. Jagon was standing upright on a massive white whales back, the creature took another dive under just as Crystal emerged right behind him. Close by we could see the Governor was sitting on the whales back while John hanging off the side,  holding on to a blow hole with one hand on a fourth whale.  Diga was flying fast making sharp turns and dives as I held on for dear life. It was a wild ride!

The White Whales carried them over and under water; they stood up straight balancing themselves on the whales back when above the water and crouched down low when ever it submerged.  One time Jagon bounced out of the water standing on one foot with his arms out in the air like wings, and howling like a wolf. I can’t remember ever laughing so hard.

Later Crystal showed me how she makes a stove from the shells on the beach, and I watched her prepare some unusual dishes. We all sat at a table on the beach sharing food, bread and wine. The Governor spoke very little, and John rarely said a word, but Jagon told many stories late into the night of adventures, and this amazing land.  Jagon told me that I should go to Button Lake and meet with the Tuang soon, so that I would be able to obtain the remedy if needed. The Tuang would not trust a stranger to come into their land to harvest the needed flowers.

The Governor interjected at that time, saying “It would serve you to be as trusting.”   They both locked eyes for a second, and I sensed tension, it felt very uneasy.  Jagon continued to talk saying that the Governor and John were heading there soon they would be able to make an introduction for me.   The tension broke when Crystal returned to the table bearing candied leaves, berries and more wine.  Perhaps the Governor felt Jagon was extending himself to me too much, I really didn’t know, but the comment made me feel very uncomfortable.

When morning broke we said goodbye as Jagon and Crystal left for the Gaga falls. Diga and I were heading towards the mumbling stones for a short stay, and then off to meet the Governor and John at Button Lake.  I do hope that I can create some art whilst at the mumbling stones, it seems like forever since I even tried.

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2 Responses to There is just something about whale riding.

  1. Linda D. says:

    Wonderful. And intriguing 🙂

  2. soulportrait says:

    From me too: intriguing…mmm… 🙂

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