The Dream

Issy had been at the guild for months just wondering around mostly staying to herself

she couldn’t leave ,  not yet  ,  and she didn’t know why
she just knew she was waiting on something..   But what

Issy climbed it to her bed   wanting to leave ,  wanting to begin her journey but knowing that she could not

falling into a restless sleep she had a dream
she dreamed that she was a beautiful golden color dragon with purple stripes   and she was standing in front of the gate ready to begin her journey as a dragon

No   No   No    I can’t be a dragon   even a pretty one  I don’t even like dragons   their  difficult , errant and just plain snooty ..      And you’re not?!!!    came a voice from beside her    .   there stood a beautiful blue dragon
I am known as   Sir Blue  but you may call me Blue  and now that you are a full dragon you can drop your silly human name and take on a true dragon name.
I most certainly will not change my name  I have always been known as Issy and i will always be known as Issy
Issy the dragon    well it could be worse i guess i could be a fish.
And you say us dragons are difficult   you , you are simply impossible.  Issy what a weird name for a dragon but i guess it will have to do till I can come up with something better.
You ,  You will do no such thing I am Issy and I will always be Issy after all it seems to be the only thing left of my original self  .   I mean look at me  im a dragon a scaly large gold and purple dragon I can’t wear pretty dresses , or designer shoes I can’t even have my nails done.   me a dragon   How did this happen I was never a dragon well granted I could shift into a dragon or anything else  if I wanted to , which by the way I never changed into a dragon unless I had no choice .   Dragons are impossible and now im a dragon.  This is a dream no a nightmare.   I will wake up and I will be Issy the fairy ,

Issy since you insist on calling yourself that ridiculous human name .   You have always been a dragon .  Your father was a dragon your mother was a fairy dragon and you were born a dragon with the ability to change  shift  to be anything you wanted.  when you were just a small dragon you seen a human fairy child and shifted into that shape  and somehow forgot that you are truly a dragon
I was never a dragon i have alway been Issy a fairy child
.   No! no my child you are and have always been a dragon    Now it is time for you to awake and begin your adventure as who you really are.   a great big gold and purple dragon with much glitter .    For a dragon you are a pretty one.    you will of course be able to shift into any form you choose but you will alway be a dragon

so I can just shift back into Issy  and forget this stupid dream
see ; you said it , you said it   “shift back into Issy”  you are not Issy anymore you are ????? I don’t know ,
I know by your colors and glitter that you’re a dragon princess or maybe a dragon- fairy princess or more probably your both but your name , your name  escapes me .    So beautiful dragon who are you    And do not say Issy.
I , I  I,  don’t know who I am I have always been Issy
I am going to wake up now and this nightmare will be over.

Issy wakes up to find herself laying in the floor of her room .    Things look odd   she screams
im not a dragon im not im not.
others come running to see what all the fuss is about..
Ahhh finally you are ready to begin your journey you are finally the dragon that you have always been .  I was beginning to think it would never happen.
You knew
yes but if i had told you would you have believed me.
No and i still don’t
See I can still change ,  Dragons can’t change see im Issy  I will always be Issy .
from the doorway comes a voice that seemed strange but familiar.   Some of us can  . My name is Eric but you can call me blue.
You  ,  you’re the dragon from my dream so you’re not really a dragon your just a shape shifter like me.
No I am truly a dragon  this is my human form though I can take on many shapes ,  I prefer the human one when it is necessary to not be a dragon .
so I can still be Issy ,
You are Issy but you are truly a dragon and until you accept yourself as a dragon you will never be Issy because you have to be true to yourself before you can be the human you call Issy.    But Issy is not human she is a fairy , dragon, shapshifter
I, I ,I don’t know who Issy is anymore   I don’t even know who I am
My child that is why you are going on this journey.  you will discover many things .  the first may not be who Issy is but thru the journey you will discover that as well.
Is this why I am still here to become a ,  a  ugh,  a dragon
great !  I’m a big scaly purple dragon with flash .   What the hell am I suppose to do on a journey into an unknown world of dangers and discovery when I stick out like a purple thumb.
I think I was better off when I was the tiny purple dragons with rainbow scales at least they are gone now

you are a beautiful dragon .  but a dragon you are and you are a special dragon like Sir Blue / Eric.
because you can change your shape to beings much smaller or larger than you are.
so how long can I shift into another shape  before I revert back to this
You mean how long can you be Issy   Eric asked
you can be Issy as long as you want I guess you could be Issy forever but Issy is not who you really are and your destiny awaits
shall we prepare to leave as our journey begins today
Your going with me.
Yes I will be your escort, and protector.
Protector if im the dragon you say I am I don’t need protection.
If you are the dragon I believe you to be  You   are a dragon-fairy princess and you need all the protection you can get.
oh poo  and she begins throwing her beautiful shoes and a couple of choice dresses into her backpack
Great this is going to be a blast im stuck escorting a arrogant dragon-fariy princess who refuses to be a dragon and to top it off she’s an Issy who whats to wear pretty dresses and designer shoes
Leave them they will be here when you return if you still want them.

I have laid your cloths out for you.  jeans , t-shirt and tennis shoes .
leave all the filly garbage behind and let’s get this circus on the road
What?!  your kidding?  right!!    I will not be caught dead wearing jeans and a tee-shirt  I wear dresses.

You Issy will be just that if you don’t listen. We are about to leave the safety of the gates and begin a great but dangerous adventure of discovery and you must listen if you wish to survive .
your cloths are there put them on  and i will have a bag packed for you daylight is short and we need to leave soon   so hurry up .
Issy caught the urgency in his voice and listened to Erick;s request
she put on the jeans and shirt something she had never worn before and the shoes they were comfortable she kind of liked them , they were purple as was the Tee shirt and on the front it said Princess in training.   she smiled    looked back at what she was leaving behind and said   here’s to a new beginning ,a new me .  and walked out of her room towards the gate where Erick  was waiting .
do I need to be a dragon or can I stay a human for now
you may do as you choose for now the human form is fine and probably more comfortable for you but I prefer to be a dragon and will talk to you Thu your mind when I am in my true from.
with that he  changed into Sir Blue  and the journey began

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2 Responses to The Dream

  1. soulportrait says:

    Lovely. I´m glad you have started writing again! 🙂

  2. vivian says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say that I love the way you write! 🙂

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