A lucky break

When I awoke again I was lying on a soft cot and there was a pretty woman sitting next to me with very long dark hair. She had her hand on my wrist but was watching a man who appeared to be dancing by himself, off in the distance.  “Where am I?” I asked.

She replied “Ahh, you have woken” and smiled. She turned and called to the dancing man, “she is awake!” The man came running over. He was light on his feet and smiling happily as he approached. “hello!” He said joyfully, so glad to see those pretty eyes opened!”

“Where am I” I repeated, “and who are you?”

The man put his arm around the woman and introduced himself as Jagon and the woman,  Crystal. They had heard about my sleeping illness while visiting the pyramids.   Jagon said that there was a virus that effected people in this land in various ways. The virus caused shape shifters like us to go into long sleeps as well as have periods of amnesia. He had brought with him a remedy. “I was returning from Button Lake and lucky for you, I stopped to visit the Zu Zu pyramids before moon meet begins. When I heard there was a sleeping shape shifter I knew I could help, we are shape shifters too. Crystal offered me some food as Jagon continued to explain that a remedy could be made from the Button Flowers that grow at Button lake.  The Taung people harvested these flowers from a lake. They are very much sought after for other magical properties they contain.”   He looked at Crystal and said “My friend Crystal was able to make a tonic using small amounts of these flowers, she has been very careful not to use too much”

Crystal replied “we must be careful Jagon, we never know if we will have enough for everyone.” “Yes,” Jagon continued, we have to be careful that they don’t fall into the wrong hands and that we have enough.   Jagon continued looking around the room,  “Right now we are in a visitors pyramid. During moon meet only the Zuzu are permitted in the temple, which is the main pyramid. That’s where your friend Diga is.” He pulled a small silver watch that was tethered to a chain from his pocket and said “The ceremony is about to end, so Diga will return shortly and then we can go have some fun! I bet you haven’t had any fun in a long time!”  Jagon laughed warmly and I suddenly felt very comfortable around him.

“It worked!” I heard Diga say. I turned to see my old friend smiling only the way an old bird could smile.  As Diga hugged me Jagon replied “yes, she will be fine and we will be on our way shortly, we plan to do a little whale riding this evening and head back home at sunrise.

It was decided shortly that Diga and I would take a respite by the Hyden Sea and bid farewell to Jagon and Crystal there.   Whale riding sounded quite intriguing and perhaps I would be able to sketch some interesting scenes at the beach.

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4 Responses to A lucky break

  1. Linda D. says:

    Wonderful. Both to see you writing again and the tale itself. Fascinating and so imaginative. Look forward to hearing more 🙂

  2. soulportrait says:

    Love the Zu Zu pyramids! 🙂
    Did you see that wonderful movie “Whale Rider” (I think it is from New Zealand)?

  3. Actually no I didn’t, sounds interesting. I keep hearing “you got to stand up straight when you ride that whale” in the song “Hey Ahrab” by Leon Russell (and ELton John) and I love the album.. actually the album is inspiring much of my tale.
    I think I can put a widget here with the lyrics.
    Lyrics | Elton John lyricsHey Ahab lyrics

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