Going back to Guild Halls

Dragon Magic, altered tin, SG 2011

To : Molly Malone ( Owner), the Mucky Duck, Guild Halls.

From : The Lady Vivian, Dolphin Bay, Elvenland.

Dearest Molly,

I miss my little house at Guild Halls. I think I will go back there now, my head and heart are full of experiences, sights and ideas that I need to express in my art, and I cannot do that while Travelling.

So I will pagmoo to Master Orod´s Abode, to get my, sorry, your wagon back, and I will also get Zé, Nimrodel and hopefully Horus, back to the Guild Halls. I will probably pagmoo as well, so that I will be able to install my little house as quick as possible, and of course come to the Mucky Duck for a goodly cup of your famous elderberrywine (…prepare the keg!)

Corwin is still at Druid Island, for a Druid conference, so I will send him a message through the Elven Innernet, just to be sure he receives it and so will know where to find me. I know we are attuned to each other´s thoughts, so he would find me even in the deepest forest of the Darkwoods, but anyway, I like to be absolutely sure.

I still have a whole half of my original map to explore, I realize that I only skimmed its outer borders, but it feels right now to go back where I started a few months back, take a good rest, and do some art.

So, dear Molly, expect me any time now! (I think you will find me much changed).

Blessings from Dolphin Bay to you, and to all our Friends who are reading my reports!

The Lady Vivian.

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Psychosynthesis and Art.
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