An interesting day

“That’s the one!” Dolkar exclaimed whilst pointing at his favourite horse.

“I see…” I answered.

The wild equines were grazing in a quite relaxed way, so relaxed that they looked like they were eating in slow motion. They searched the grass with their lips and when they found the desired grass, they’d take it very carefully in their mouths and chew it very slowly. The herd was on the sunny side of the meadow and when we appeared in their security perimeter, they all raised their heads and looked in our direction. The alpha male stared at us and froze a couple of seconds whilst holding a mouthful of grass in his mouth, and then decided we were no threat so he lowered his head to the ground and continued grazing pleasantly.

“See?” I started to explain. “The alpha male is always wary of predators, and if he’d think that we were a threat, he’d already taken flight, leading all his herd away from this place.”

“Aha,” he said “Can we get closer?”

“I’m afraid not for today, Dolkar. This is a respectful distance and we don’t want them to change of idea about us.”

“I understand…” he nodded looking a bit disappointed.

“This is already a successful step we did today. If we trespass the line and approach even more, we could put in danger all the trust that they are already showing for us.” I explained trying to console him a bit. And after I said that, I got a big understanding smile from him. He looked very adult for certain things, but he still was a kid when it came to show a bit of patience. We spent the rest of the day fishing in the lake with the old man’s kayak. Dolkar was taking good care of me and I tried my best to make him feel comfortable with me. We shared life experiences and it still amazed me that I was actually talking to a 9 year old child. The kid was already very experienced on many levels and was full of wisdom for his age. I think I actually learned more from him than him from me!

When we got tired of fishing we sat by the meadow where the horses still grazed and almost didn’t move from where we found them in the morning. The afternoon got chillier and so we went back to the house and on our way we took some kindling for the wood fired kitchen.

“Do you know any good stories, Ilan?” he asked.

“Good stories?” I asked, intrigued.

“Yes, good stories that can be told by a fire,” he said.

“I think I know a few stories, yes, but you will have to judge for yourself if they are good,” I answered knowing now what he was talking about.

“Grandpa loves to hear good stories,” he explained “and he loves to tell them too. He tells me one story each night, and in each story there is something to learn for the rest of my life.”

“Then it will be my pleasure to tell a good story to you both, and hear a couple from each of you,” I replied.

“Tonight…” he said, “tonight we will tell good stories by the fire…”

(Making of the horse: Pencil drawing)

About soulportrait

Michaela Devi Genaine, Spain Although I am of Swiss origin, I have been living in Spain for 20 years. I moved to this country with my family when I was 9 years old, and have since then been involved with a broad spectrum of alternative projects, as well as being a pioneer of homeschooling. I am currently living in the Prades mountains near the Mediterranean Coast. I practice sustainable gardening, ecopsycology, art and psychosynthesis. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French.
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