Looking around

I can’t remember how much I slept, but I must have been pretty tired.  So much seemed to have been going on; it was like I was living several parallel lives all at the same time.

“You will get used to it,” the Guildmistress said.

I looked up and there she was, although I do not know from whence she came, nor how long she had been there.  “Good morning Hovo,” she continued.  “I hope you slept well.”

I started to say “Oh yes,” when I was not really aware of what I was saying.

“Don’t worry my dear,” she reassured me.  “You have been assimilating quite a bit  lately.  That is why I have wanted you to stay here for  couple days before taking off.  You need to gain orientation.”

“Where exactly are we?” I wanted to know.

“We are in the crystal caves just below the castle medieval herb and flower garden.  The crystals have great restorative qualities, but they also have information for you, from your ancestors and for your travels.  It will all become clear soon enough.   I am also being guided to ask you to visit our gardens, especially our tree nursery.  I have asked Alo to leave as his work is finished at present.  You need to pay attention to your inner guides now.  He will always be within calling distance, but this trip is for you to draw on your own resources.  As an assimilator, you have received much information, almost too much for one person, and so it is time for you to put it all together, to find your own path, do you know what I mean?”

I guess, I said, a little disappointed for having just had my guide confiscated.

“On the other hand dear, Adahy has asked about you and would also like to meet up with you, so you may also feel free to call on him for company.  I know how well you two got on.”

“Adahy,” I thought to myself with a big grin.

“Great White Eagle’s spirit is going to help you with your map.  In order to meet him, you must go further into the caves when you feel ready.

Now, I bet you are famished, aren’t you?  So after you get dressed, please join us for breakfast in the dining hall.  I am sure the others are very impatient to meet you.”

“Thank you, Mam, ” I said, “I will be up shortly.”

I had to sit down and get my bearings as everything was starting to spin around me.  I needed to dictate a journal entry to my story owl.  Adahy had slipped it in my bag at the last moment, I guess when I had fallen asleep.  In his tribe, male children are given story owls when they turn 13.  They are required to spend 10 days alone in the wilderness and the story owl accompanies them and watches over them.  They record their adventures by telling them to the owl that records them for future generations.  The stories have magic powers, as does all oral tradition heritage.  The owls deliver these to nature, to trees, fairies, crystals, whatever they are guided to. Then when the adventure serves to whomever needs it, it is released. I found it to be quite a magical process.

Here is what I dictated to my story owl:

“I was actually becoming so excited about this whole thing, I could barely contain myself.  I felt so lucky and was so moved by the way people were treating me.  Everyone was so loving and supportive.  I had been so fearful of the Guildmistress, and yet she was just reaching out to help as well.  What a wonderful revelation.

I have more questions than when I got here.  I can’t believe that I already lost my guide, but Adahy, I may get to see him some more.  This makes my heart full of joy.  And the trees, I get to meet them.  And this crystal cave, just amazing. I have seen nothing like it.  Shh, if you listen you can hear them singing.  Their music put me to sleep last night.  OK it was just a little cold down here, and yes I need to go up and get some real light, but who would have thought that under the beautiful medieval herbal garden there was an equally exquisite crystal garden?!

I am looking forward to meeting Great White Owl’s spirit and to finding out where my travels will take me, but for now, I need to eat something.  More later.”

Breakfast was a delightful array of fascinating foods and sharing. For instance, I got to sample medieval crumpets with Guildenberry butter, a house specialty and very yummy.  We also had house tea, which was made with any number of flowers, essences and crystals.  A very high-powered and tasty drink!

I met a few fellow travelers, who have asked me to not to mention their names for the moment as there was a little intrigue going on at the time.  I am not supposed to talk about it so I will save its story for later.  Suffice it to say, that it will make the hair on your arms stand up…



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3 Responses to Looking around

  1. vivian says:

    …Love the idea of the crystals singing…:-)

  2. What a magical place! I love the story owl and the beautiful crystal caves under the herb gardens!


  3. bonepainter says:

    Beautiful and magical, a wondrous story unfolding…


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