Crossing the Estuary

Elvenland, Art Journal, SG, 2011

Today a dove arrived, bringing a message.

It seems that The People (as the Elves call themselves) will send a pontoon boat to get my wagon across the Estuary.

We gathered what was loosely scattered around our camp, and right at midday, with the sun high up in the sky, this cold January day, the pontoon arrived.

At first I only saw the huge rickety wooden affair that glided to a stop on our side of the water.

Then I saw the woman who was directing it with a long pole. Tall and regal, as it seems all Elven women are, at least the two I have now met, she smiled at me, put an elegant hand on her heart, but kept silent.

I looked up at Corwin, who winked.

 It´s safe, you know. It´s a glider, not a bunch of wooden planks!

I thought that if “The People” had a “glider” to cross the Estuary, they must have heard about the pagmoo technology, but when I voiced my thought, Corwin said in a rather peremptory tone: “That is not the Elven way.”

I felt nonplussed since we had both used the pagmoo before, and it must have shown because Corwin said in a gentler tone, It will be explained in due time, my lady. I´m sorry.

Ah. So.  Yet another mystery about “The People”.  Well, I thought, I´m getting used to not knowing where I am going next, so I might as well just follow instructions…! With a wry smile I got my animals and my wagon onto the flimsy – but big – “bunch of planks”. And then I helped my three travel companions to get their own packages.

And their three horses!

I climbed up, but not without shooting a stealthy look beneath the contraption…


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