What is going on?

I was woken by a large wet wing smacking me in the face. Diga was standing over me looking quite perturbed. Several other Zsu Zsu birds were standing aside her also looking down at me.
“What’s going on?” I asked while wiping the moisture from my face,
Diga replied. “Are you OK?
“Outside of being awoken suddenly by you and your very wet wing, I think so” I added hesitantly “why wouldn’t I be?
Diga looked at the others and then back at me. Her face looked very worried.

“What’s going on?” I asked again.
Diga replied…. in a much too loud shouting voice. “You have been asleep for a very long time!” Diga continued, but flapping her wings hard as she spoke.
“I have been trying to wake you, and WAKE you, and WAKE YOU!!! and you just kept on sleeping! and sleeping!! and SLEEPING!!!

“Calm down” an older bird whispered to Diga, putting his wing around her shoulder.

“Oh I am so sorry” I replied “I don’t know what happened” The older bird gently guided Diga away and the others who remained helped me to sit up.
At first my eyes were blurry but as I began to focus I could see that I was inside of a massive building. The room or building I was in was different from any building I had ever been in. Above me the roof came to a point and light was streaming in through that point bathing me in a beam of light, warming my body.

The floors went upwards around me and became walls that jutted out in each direction. A few hundred dondgrens above me they began jutting back in, all intersecting at that one point in the center where the light was entering.

Below me I could see where the walls intersected, just as they did at the ceiling, creating a point, but I could not touch it. It seemed as though I was floating above it on a flat clear surface. The walls were magnificent! They were a pearly white with hints of blues, greens and yellows, like the inside of a seashell in some places and sparkling glass in other places. It made me feel like I was inside of a precious stone.

There were also gleaming long rails running horizontally every few dondgren from bottom to top and I could see several Zsu Zsu birds perched on one of them whispering to each other above me.

“What is this place?” I asked. The birds that surrounded me flew away to a perch above me except one. She introduced herself to me as Astrel. She spoke very softly and told me that I was inside of one the Zsu Zsu pyramids. She peered into my eyes as if she was looking for something tiny. She put her wing over my face and the next thing I knew I was waking up in a dark room on a soft bed of feathers. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see I was sleeping on Diga.

“Diga!” I whispered.. “What is happening?”
Diga looked at me and offered me a very tired looking smile. “You should rest Keggy”
“Rest! I yelped, “But you said I have been asleep for weeks, why should I sleep more? What is going on? Where am I?”
Diga sat up and looked at me and with a very serious face said “you need to heal, you need a lot of attention, my people and I are going to help you. I brought you here to this healing temple when you wouldn’t wake up, and you are being very carefully taken care of by me and my sister Astrel until Moon meet when the healers come. But right now you need to do as you are told and rest” With that Diga closed her eyes and I suddenly felt compelled to do the same.

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  1. Linda D. says:

    Mmmm intriguing, and love the description of the building. Enjoy your snoozing!!!

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