Going to See the Oracle

Jake found Orph again. He was swimming around a road expectantly as though he knew Jake would be coming around here. He wondered if there was anything such as mere coincidences here in Imagi-Nation. They travelled along the road, through several towns (all with a McSharkies and also with various gyms, all with Mussel in the title).

Finally they got to what looked like an edge, but as Jake looked over he just saw more of Big Plaice, its fins. “Down there,” Orph said. “That’s where we’re going.”

Jake gulped, “How do we get all the way down there?”

“You really have no clue, have you?” And with that Orph jumped over the edge and fell down below. Except that he didn’t have legs to jump with and he didn’t so much fall as glide.

“Not a clue,” Jake agreed, so he jumped and sort of floated and fell… ish. Well, he got down alright.

At the bottom they walked out towards the edge of the fin and before they had gotten anywhere near half way Jake spotted a black spot of on the horizon. The nearer they got to it the more Jake saw that this something was moving. It shifted along, bent down, stood up then shifted along a bit more.

After a bit more Jake could see that it had a face, though he couldn’t see it clearly. It had turned towards them briefly then turned back to what it’s doing. And it seemed to be floating above the surface of the fin.

Within shouting distance Orph stopped and said to Jake “Wait here.” Orph then continued and went over to this creature/being/thingy (delete as appropriate). It stood up, turned to look at Orph then went back to what it was doing. To Jake it looked like it was wearing a mask with two big yellow baubles on top, though he couldn’t see any features. It was only a glimpse anyway.

He heard Orph talking hurriedly, looking very worried. Then the “thing” made a grumbling noice, which made Orph’s face drop in shock. Orph went over to Jake and barely choked out “Erm, you go on ahead and I’ll wait here. The Oracle will see you now.”

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