Processing “The Journey Begins”

There are no accidents.  It seems I was not wanting to be a part of the ritual of leaving the Guild for the journey, as the gryphon’s message specifically stated that I leave as soon as it delivered the message and blessing and gifts.  I was nearly “off and running” when I knew I had not left my doll, nor told the Guildmistress of my leave-taking.  Was this “blind obedience/allegiance” to the message?
I could not leave without following suit, at least I had to talk to the Guildmistress, and I had to leave my doll in her care.  So, the plan changed–the ritual to take place elsewhere–another time–another place.  Why?  I don’t know.  Perhaps it will make itself known as the story presents itself.  Me thinks there is a struggle regarding orthodoxy vs conventionalism, intuition, and self-satisfaction.

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