Towards Elvenland

Matchbox altar, SG, '10

Shakti travels as Vivian.

…It was really hard to leave my precious little treehouse since I didn´t know (and still do not know) if I would ever come back to it. I had been happy there, high up in the grove. Happy, and scared, and… alive, open to the surprises that the woods contained.

The parting tea with Raarr and his people, and the Three Fairies, had been a huge success.

Tootee, Flurry and Rosee brought family and friends, a lot of little lights that danced and flickered in the trees far into the night.

These people and us two humans (Corwin and I, I mean), are so different from each other, and yet we share our love of these woods on such a deep level that nothing was ever even hinted about differences. It was fun to magick the banquet, exquisite jellies for the Fairies, and basic but good food for Rraarr and his people. The grove was all illuminated by the fairies and magicked lanterns, and we danced long past sundown. Have you ever danced with such a strange party ? It was worth it, let me tell you. What an experience!

The next day, my little troupe and I, Corwin on his stallion, Nimrodel every now and then following the stallion rather than my indications, Zé happy to run through the woods, and Horus shrieking high up above the trees, we made our way towards the coast, and towards the Luna estuary.

Corwin didn´t say much about the Elves, refusing diplomatically to answer my questions, repeating “You´ll see for yourself” whenever curiosity got the better of me.

Camp fire, SG, '10

So the days passed, peacefully. The woods stayed in their due place, never moved, the fire at the halts we made along the rough path was cozy, Corwin playing the harmonica almost every night, and me and Zé going to sleep under thick blankets in the wagon. I never felt so safe as when I went to sleep with the little Elven tunes sounding in the clearings, and the watchful presence of Corwin who mostly slept outside, except for one day when it rained, a sudden outpour that doused the fire, and the stallion and Nimrodel disappeared under the trees, while Horus perched on the outer bannister of the wagon´s porch,  Zé fled under the wheels of the wagon, and Corwin came into it, drenched to the bones and had to sleep next to me, on the floor. It was a rare feeling, having this friend of the heart so close to me, smiling and attentive, this big gentle man making me feel that the wagon was suddenly half its size. So it was an uneventful but agreeable journey, until we came to a certain part of the path, and Corwin signaled to stop the wagon. As I had felt before when I came into Elvenwood, the energy shifted, and suddenly, all of us were alert. Zé was tense and very clearly expectant, his tail going around in circles. Corwin and the horses also had heard something below the normal range of human ears, that much was obvious from their attitude.

Corwin got down from his mount, walked to the trees and whistled through his fingers. Few-witttt! Three times in rapid succession.

And imagine my joy when Tenwar and Ninraen came out onto the path, grinning broadly.

They bowed, hand on their heart, and Tenwar said in his deep silky voice, We thought it would be a good thing for all of us to introduce you to Elvenland ourselves.

I grinned too.

What a lovely perspective!…

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