Dearest Molly

Shakti travels as Vivian.

Elvish Matchbox Altar, SG, '10

Elvenwood, Alban Arthan ( near Winter Solstice).

Dearest Molly and Friends back Home,

I have now come to the point that I wanted from the beginning of my Journey: to go visiting the Elves.

I will be going with Corwin. He brought my wagon, and with it, Zé, Horus and Nimrodel. Such a joyous reunion it was!…

I feel nervous. I know that the Elves of Elvenwood are human, though nothing  like “real-Earth human”. Corwin explained, oh it´s a bit complicated, that these Elves are in fact a future race of humans that exists here in the Imagi-Nation, and in particular, since they cannot live on “real-Earth” yet, they have colonized the most western point of Western Midgard, right next to the Great Sea. Corwin tells me that they have cities there, under the trees, and that their art, says he, is incredibly beautiful. So I´m looking forward to seeing it all.

I just wanted to say that we are embarking on this new Adventure tomorrow, and that I don´t really know when I will be able to communicate again. I have written down a timetable of posts, so that you will know where I am and what I am doing, but one never knows, this is, as you know, a magical time of the Year, so that I have to allow for surprises along the way!

Wishing you all the very best for the Birth of the New Light!


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1 Response to Dearest Molly

  1. susannasays says:

    And a wondrous welcoming the Light to you as well, Vivian!
    Hereswyde and Iris
    “It’s as if we were joined at the hear, we are that close.” Hereswyde while hiding out with Iris in the bog.

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