Horse Dancer

The Buddha Horse, SG, 2010

Shakti travels as Vivian.

A pale sun washed the scene in a powdery luminescence.

The tall man walked to the center of the herd, and stood very still for a moment. Then he extended his arms from his sides, palms up, as if making an offering to the gods.

The horses looked up, interested by this human who had suddenly appeared in their midst.

The sun fell obliquely on the big man, all dressed in white, in leather boots and white leggings, a short, high-collared  tunic closed with a wide leather belt at the waist , standing very straight and noble in the middle of the clearing.

He extended a finger towards the herd, in a very gentle, elegant gesture, and turned on himself, deasil,  in the path of the sun, creating a magic circle around his body.

The herd was now completely alert.

A brown mare with a young one started walking around the clearing, and the herd slowly followed.

The man traced a second circle, very gently and slowly, and the herd started to gallop around the clearing, making golden dust fly everywhere.

The Lady Vivian was sitting at the edge of the clearing. The image was so beautiful, man and horses, in peace and quietness, in the mellow light of this warm afternoon in the woods, turning and turning.

Then the herd stopped. A white stallion came forward and ambled  to the man at the center of the spiral. He whinnied once and shook his head, then stood still, looking at the man.

The man bowed his head and crossed his feet in a handsome reverence.

Vivian heard him say in a reverent tone, Your Majesty.

The white stallion seemed to acknowledge the title, proudly, with a shake of his mane, neighing once, and then, imitating the man, he crossed his front hooves and bowed his head.

Vivian couldn´t believe her eyes.

The man and the horse started to dance around each other, in perfect silence and harmony.

The herd just watched, as if they were taken by an enchantment.

Right and left, and forward and backward, tall man clothed in white, his long silver hair flying around his face, and powerful white stallion, turning around each other, united by an invisible thread, responding to each other´s presence and movement.

Then, as suddenly as the dance had begun, it ended.

The man undid the magic circle, tracing it widdershins, and both man and horse came towards Vivian, who was sitting in the sun, with tears in her eyes.

This is a King, the man told her.

She got up from the trunk where she was seated, came close to the horse, and with a tentative hand scratched his forehead gently, between the eyes. The animal shook his head, twice, and stood there, watching her deeply.

You are so beautiful, she whispered to the horse. Then she kissed his soft, oh so soft velvety nose.

… And what about me? said Corwin, smiling.

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Psychosynthesis and Art.
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