Kalili’s map is ready

Kespinverling Path and Spiral Tunnel in Yaadwassergyll (Underworld)

The map for my journey is finally (almost) complete. Soon I will embark upon the first stop in my journey.

The map has two parts, the underworld, with which I am very familiar and will be visiting again during the journey and the underworld, not so familiar and where I will be spending more of my time.

Here are some images of the map:

Folded map with overworld and underworld

Yadwassergyll or Underworld

Guild Hall, Tsirrond or Healing Center and Malvern House in Ysadluftveld (Overworld)

Ysadluftveld (Overworld)

I am awaiting guidance before taking my next steps.

About kalilitraveler

Artist and writer, I create healing dolls and write stories about them.
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3 Responses to Kalili’s map is ready

  1. Linda D. says:

    Absolutely wonderful map! Look forward to seeing where your journey goes 🙂

  2. vivian says:

    Wow! Makes me think of an ancient Mayan or Aztec parchment… :-O
    Or maybe secret engravings from Easter Island…

  3. Thanks so much Vivian. That’s interesting that you say Mayan or Aztec. That has definitely been in the back of my mind. Who knows where this will lead but I am excited to find out!

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