How Big’s a Fish?

It had been quite a while since Jake Fish and Dr M. Orph the fish had been swimming through the Boundless Fish Tank, and for a while shorter than quite a while they had been swimming towards something, a big shadow of a something that Jake couldn’t make out through the water he was swimming through… oh, and breathing!

“What’s that ahead Orph, land?”

Orph just chuckled unhelpfully.

They swam a while more and then a thought occurred to Jake, “Orph, you know how fish are limited in their growth by the size of their environment?”

“Like you put them in a little bowl and they won’t grow much, put them in a lake and they’ll grow much bigger?”

“Yeah, that’s it. Well, I was thinking, how big would fish grow in a Fish Tank the size of infinity?”

“Well, I think you can safely say they grow infinitely. You have any idea where we might be heading?”

“Erm, not really.”

“Well, look carefully in the direction we’re travelling.”

Jake didn’t get it for at least a whole minute; he was staring at the shadow, trying to work out what Orph meant when the shape of the shadow hit him (and in Imagi-Nation this can almost be taken literally). Suddenly he could work out an oval shape and at one end a two pronged thing, a bit like a…. nooooo, couldn’t be, could it?… fish tail?!

But Jake couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t looking at something that was just a bit of land, or rock but something actually alive. The hairs stood up on the back of his neck, and he had a strange sinking feeling (helped along by the fact that the closer they got to the big shadow the more defined “down” and “up” became) and where before he’d been swimming quite leisurely, now he felt very slow and very vulnerable. His legs particularly, as he felt them hanging around, like fishing bait.

Orph knew this so he said, “No use panicking, there’s nowhere else to go. Onwards!” He flicked forwards but made a quick turnaround putting his fishy face into Jake’s, “And before I forget, we’ll need a map for this.” At which Orph handed Jake a piece of paper, though perhaps finned him a piece of paper is more appropriate.

Jake looked at it, but all he saw was the outline of the fish with no details, “It’s blank.”

“Yes, that’s right; you’ve got to fill it in yourself.”

“How do I do that when I don’t know the fishscape?”

“Do what you’re here for, use your imagination. And now, Onwards!”

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