almost ready

I believe my journey is about to begin

I was out yesterday walking thru the wonderful fields and wondering what direction i should take.   I was getting restless but something was holding me here .  I was waiting on something .   I sighed and  returned to my room .On my bed lay a beautiful godness doll  she was  white with a black design and had a rusty colored and blue over that .  she had a quiet relaxed face and flower petal wings .

I have no idea how she flew with them but she assured me that she could

yes she did speak to me   much to my surprise i could hear her inside of my head.

I wondered if  she was who i was waiting for and if i was ready to begin my journey

not yet but soon she answered .

I paced the floor anxiously and asked what was the holdup   she looked at me and said   you are .

i looked at her annoyed and started pacing again

your still waiting  but i don’t know what your waiting for

when you figure it out we will be ready to go

we ,   your going with me I asked      yes I am your travel companion I will guide you and keep you company on the long journey ahead .

great just want i need a fairy with flower wings draging behind and slowing me down and her being able to get into my head and read my thoughts .   Just Great.

I assure u i will have no problem keeping up with you in fact you will be lucky if you can keep up with me   she said haughty.

as for reading your thoughts I promise i will keep out of your head unless i see a need to be in there.  your head is really not that pleasant of a place to be so filled with emotions its confusing

And for your information I Am Not A Fairy!!!

then what are you I shot back with much annoyance

I am your guide

grrrrrr you know my most intimate thoughts and all i know about you is that your my guide

that is all you need to know for now,    more ,   much more will be reveiled as time goes on

now lets get some rest with any luck we will be leaving soon

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1 Response to almost ready

  1. vivian says:

    That is one interesting fairy…oops, pardon me, GUIDE! *grin*
    Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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