Star Caves

The Star Caves are on the westerly coast of Imagi, near the Hyden Sea.   It was a short hike north through Knotting to get to the Red Bead River. I found a boat that took me north all the way to where the Gold Band River intersects. It took two days to get there, but it was a lovely trip. I was able to prepare a nice stew to share with a fellow passenger named Tello, who in turn offered us a delightful sweet cake.

I planned to travel on the ground from there but Tello introduced me to a ZuZu bird named Diga. Diga offered me air passage to the star caves in exchange for some bread. I couldn’t resist getting to know this magnificent creature better, so I took her up on her offer. We flew low to the ground so I could see the beautiful landscape and arrived at the star caves at nightfall, which is the perfect time to arrive. Diga told me a bit about the caves history and said she would see me again and flew off.  I decided to explore the caves.

The star caves are amazing. The legend is that eons ago, far away in another world there was a very beautiful princess named Star. Everyone loved her and men everywhere wanted to marry her. Whoever married her would be the future king so she had many suitors. Star promised her eternal love to one man. But, just as soon they said “I do” her husband was shot in the heart with an arrow by a jealous suitor who wished to be King. Star was heartbroken and very lonely.  But eventually she met another man named El and married in secret, because the rule of the land was one marriage only.

The King was tricked into believing that El was the man who murdered Stars first husband.  The King declared El a criminal and sent his men to kill him and rescue her. Star escaped fearing the King was going to punish her for marrying a second time. More importantly she was pregnant and would give birth soon. She flew from the world as fast as she could; faster and faster until she could no longer stay awake; exhausted she crashed here in Imagi forming these caves.

Soon after the local villagers came to the caves and discovered these tiny little flowers they call “min-ango” which means “little stars.” These tiny sparkling flowers are very unique. They only grow in this cave and only bloom at night. The villagers believe that these tiny sparkling flowers are Stars children. When the wind blows from the south the tiny flowers are lifted out of the caves and blown into the sky, and it is believed this is how stars are born.  Because of this the caves are very sacred.

As I approached I could see thousands of the tiny star flowers inside the cave. I could hear a gentle whistling through the rock that almost sounded like whispers as I approached. As I entered the cave the scent of the flowers was intoxicating, like a good strong tea.  The flowers actually seem to dance in the air and you can touch their soft sparkling petals as they float by.  You can’t help but be in awe of the beauty and feel the hope that surrounds you as you walk through the cave. Folks who live near the star caves come here when they need inspiration or have lost hope.

I continued to walk deeper into the cave. It seemed that the tiny stars were guiding me along.  The cave takes many twists and turns as it goes deeper. I finally reached a place where I noticed most of the stars have stopped and have made a wide circle around me, except for a few that have circled a loose rock on the ground. I picked it up and realized it was a very unusual rock if it was a rock at all. It was a very colorful object. As soon as I did this the stars began dancing around me and the whispering noise I had been hearing sounded like music and giggling. I was suddenly surrounded by the tiny light flowers and they lifted me up on my back, and head first began carrying me out of the cave ever so gently. It was like floating on a soft cloud. I dropped the object thinking I should not have touched it but as I let it go the flowers encircled it and placed it gently back in my hand. I was carried to the opening of the cave and set gently on the ground.  As I faced the cave I could see them all still dancing and giggling and then suddenly they were all gone, and it became pitch black.  As I turned to leave there was a woman standing directly in front in me.

She was no ordinary woman, she was beautiful and timeless. She wore a dress that was a rich turquoise with streaks of fuchsia, covered with tiny sparking stones. Her long thick  hair curled as it blew in the warm night wind. “You have been given a gift” she said in a voice as light as air. “um, yes I guess” holding out the object in my hand. “I don’t know what it is though” She smiled at me and held out a small container in her hand. She said “keep it in this when you are not using it, you don’t want to overtax its powers” I took the container from her and placed the object in it. Her warm hands clasped over the top and bottom of mine holding them on the object. She continued, “This will help you to see what others cannot.” I asked “Who are you?” as she moved her hands from mine. I let the object drop in the box and it snapped shut and locked. The woman quickly faded away.

Gift from Minango

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2 Responses to Star Caves

  1. treegod says:

    Love the story about the caves, got a real folklore/myth feel to it 🙂

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