I’m not like everyone else.

I didn’t know what to make of what had happened. The box was locked tight and there didn’t seem to be anyway to reopen it. I decided I would bed down for the night under a nearby tree until morning.

 I gathered some leaves together and made a bed under a tree. I lit a fire for some light  and…. Well, I guess before I confuse you any more this would be a good time to tell you a little about me. Sometimes I forget that I am not like everyone else, well at least I haven’t met anyone like me yet.  First off, I can light a candle by placing the wick between my fingers and snapping them. It’s something I just started doing one day as a child; it’s like I always knew how to do it.  When I was young I found there were a lot of things I could do that my sisters and mother could not, although to be honest my mother has some very special gifts of her own. 

I am also a great map maker.  I make maps of places I travel to; over, under and on land. My map holder is loaded with maps of places I have visited. Of course I get to visit many places and worlds that others can not. That’s because I am a shape shifter, I can change my shape and size by just thinking about it.  That means I can make myself very tiny and travel under ground and even fly on my own. I can fly higher and go further then most birds. And I can communicate with just about anything. But you see, I don’t always use my special gifts. I learned long ago that using these special gifts take away from the adventure.  For example, I could have gotten to the star caves inside of a heartbeat, but the journey I took was so much better, and look who I met along the way.  I also don’t like to take an unfair advantage over others, its just the way I was raised.

And oh yes,  I don’t mean to forget my traveling companion Henney. Henney is a sweet sort, shy and magical indeed! She is quiet and sleeps a great deal in my travel trunk. She has been with me for a very long time.  When she gets to know one well she will interact, but otherwise she will appear as only a doll. Any other information is her secret to share.

If you saw me you might think I was an odd duck! To be honest when I shape shift into anything else you can usually still tell it’s me. I pretty much look essentially the same. I also like to draw things and make things, prepare meals and sit by a fire with friends, which bring me back to what happened tonight.  

I lit a fire and began to eat the last of my cornbread when I noticed Diga approaching from the west.  She brought with her a bundle of berries and other delights and shared them with me under that tree. It seemed like we talked well into the night. Tomorrow I will leave the caves well fed and well rested.

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