The Happiness Pendulum

(Image: Crocheted bag for the TAG Journey, SG November 2010)

…I had decided on a dawn Going Forth, since I already know where I am going on the first leg of my Journey. After the Ceremony, I will go straight out to The Henge. I don´t really know why, the image came into my mind, clear and focused. The Henge.

The Henge is a somewhat desolate country. We also call it The Land of the Ancestors. For me, it is a Place of Communion, with all those Druids who came before me. A barren land where a long time ago important events occurred; a land that has been abandoned to Mother Nature, and shows up in my map as a “ Here Be Dragons, Possibly” spot! I´m not too happy about it, but I need to honor my Journey, and if it begins in a barren land, so be it.

In the meantime, this very morning, a moment before Dawn, I stood in the middle of Journey Hall, containing the excitement. I would have wished for a more formal Ceremony since I assisted others and theirs were so magickal.

Anyway, to each her own.

Here, for me, nothing of the sort. There was only the Guild Mistress and a few friends to see me off, no music except the wind, and no lights except the friendship that shone in everyone´s eyes. It felt right, though. I couldn´t stand a prolonged waving me off, I am so sure of the next step, and the Muses are pulling and pushing at me!…

I had packed my bags and coffers the night before, had even slept in the wagon, after giving Falcon, Dog and Horse their own supper. By the way, their names are Horus,  (Zay) and Nimrodel. Nim, as I call her. She has the name of a beautiful Elven maid:

Beside the falls of Nimrodel,
By water clear and cool,
Her voice as falling silver fell
Into the shining pool.

(The Song of Nimrodel, J.R.R.Tolkien)

I stood  in the centre of Journey Hall, a bit cold, waiting for the first ray of the morning sun, all packed and rearing to go.

As the first light of Dawn came through the glass roof, throwing colors on the marble floor, the Guild Mistress, all clothed in warm wools, asked me to close my eyes and let images come into my mind. Which door?

I was clear about that! But I did as I was told.

The Henge came onto the inner screen of my mind, as clear as if I was seeing it in the world of flesh. A huge circle of stones, in a desolate landscape. I smiled. Aha. I knew it.

Something swirled around my bowed head, and whispered : “I am waiting for you…”

Startled, I opened my eyes and saw the Guild Mistress smile sweetly, as if she knew a secret and wouldn´t tell me. She handed me a small package.

Vivian, it´s your turn to Go Forth now. Give me your doll, please.

She took it, put it into its little niche, and came back to the centre of the Hall.

Close your eyes.

I did. I had a momentary feeling of being disoriented, of being on a carrousel, and when it stopped, the Compass was indicating North-West. Yay, dang it!…The Henge, I knew it!

I grinned. The Guild Mistress gave me a silent hug, and pushed me, still smiling, into the direction of the opened door.

I was still grinning too, as I came to the wagon, where Horus, Zé and Nim were waiting for me.

North-West, friends, I projected to them in my thoughts. The Henge!

I heard a half-suppressed squawk from Horus, Zé the grey Dane licked his jaw (was he grinning too?) and Nimrodel neighed, appreciatively it seemed.

Oh. I still had the little package that the Guild Mistress had given me in my hand. I unwrapped it carefully. It contained a wonderful little handmade bag to put around my neck, and a round crystal pendulum. And a Note, beautifully calligraphed on an old piece of parchment:

Dear Vivian, This is my Gift to you for this Journey. Whenever you will feel sad, or have a setback in the Journey, or do not know how to go on, Ask the Pendulum! It will always indicate the best Path to Happiness to you. But mind this: you will have to ask it the right question. Be certain that you will know in your heart. Have an interesting Journey, and come back to us safe and wiser for the voyage.

The Guild Mistress…Mysterious and loving, as ever.

I climbed onto the wagon, whistled for Zé, made a clicking sound for Nim to start walking.

Horus was already up there, in the sunny morning sky, shrieking, extending his wings, turning in circles above the wagon, blissfully.

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3 Responses to The Happiness Pendulum

  1. artrites says:

    I stood high on the hillside, watching as your wagon passed and then disappeared into the distance. Safe journey.

  2. Wonderful! I love the idea of the happiness pendulum. May it bring you guidance whenever you need it and perhaps our paths will cross at some point.


  3. shiaomeimei says:

    I love it! So exciting!

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