Molly Malone and the Gypsy Wagon

(Image : Vivian´s Wagon, collage on paper, SG, 2010)

As the Departure Ceremony draws nearer I get as excited as a young colt.

…Had a mug of blackberry wine yesterday, after sundown, at  the Mucky Duck, Molly Malone´s Inn, under the arcades that shelter the central market , behind Journey Hall.

I was seated with a few friends, discussing the Journey, excitedly sharing how I would pack my saddle-bags, when one of them glanced towards me in what I could only describe as a careful way.

I do hope you don´t mind my saying so, but I feel a bit worried about you… she said in a flat tone, as if she was trying hard not to smile. Aren´t you a bit…mature…  to travel on a horse?

I was stunned. Caught up in the excitement of the coming journey I hadn´t given much thought to comfort. Besides, Elvish saddles are sort of…well, sustaining.

 I thought my friend had a point there though, I´m not a youngling anymore, and my face fell, which is when Molly Malone, who has fiery red hair and  a red nose to match from a slight leaning towards liking strong ale, Hey, lass, why don´t you take one of me gipsy wagons?

Lightning struck.

Molly Malone´s so called “gypsy wagons” are really the height of luxury travelling. Not only is their inside decked in glorious fabrics, they also have every item that a Guild Traveller might need, including teletransportation devices (like the Pagmoo) and a highly sophisticated communication center, in a minimum of space. They even have a back-up motor powered by the turning of the wheels, and a solar cooking pot, I mean, the absolute finest in transport vehicles! If you hitch up a horse, it´s for company or for folklore, it certainly isn´t for necessity!…

Well, well, well, I thought. Look at what´s popping up!…

Molly, thanks, but I don´t know if I can pay you…

Don´t worry, lass. Just send the reports rolling in! She winked, a gutsy wink that had us all laughing in three seconds flat.

Settled, then. Tomorrow I´ll look for a horse (for companionship!), and Hooray I´m on my way!

Another mug of blackberry wine, old friend? said the raven lover with a gleam in her eyes.

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Psychosynthesis and Art.
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1 Response to Molly Malone and the Gypsy Wagon

  1. artemysos says:

    That’s quite some deal you managed to snag from Molly. She has a reputation I hear, of being very thrifty. She must have been enamored by you is all I can say 😉

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