Lavenda Kakabell: MapMaking

Hmmmm, I did take a while to make these maps.  I never made one before, and it took me a while to think about how to approach this task.  I followed up on the different links offered by Susan, and hemmed and hawed about how to start.  I was making mountains out of molehills for some reason.  I finally decided to begin the land map and chose parchment paper because….  I thought that ink would work well on it because…. I seemed to remember that beautiful old papers using lettering with pen and ink used parchment paper.  But!  alas!  naught.  The ink did not take well to my parchment paper.  Maybe because it was for baking???   I don’t know.  I changed to markers and they worked much better.  Ink pen was not that good for the small lettering and white opaque pen worked a little bit better.  Gold/silver marker didn’t work that well, but embossing ink and powder went on beautifully!  I even sprayed an acrylic finish on the entire piece to see if it would provide enough of a protective layer to go over with markers, paint, whatever.  I found it could be scraped off easily.   The part of the process that I enjoyed the most was crinkling the entire piece of paper.  It truly added character to my land map of Seekendyeeshelfind!

Now, the celestial chart was so much easier, it seems.  I have a book that was given to me in 1992: Celestial Charts – Antique Maps of the Heavens by Carole Stott.  Although I was and still am interested in astrology, I did not use this book, and it stayed on a shelf for many years before this journey!  I was elated to be able to use it for my chart of the heavens.  I took my time perusing all of the illustrations, and chose images from several illustrations of charts. I made copies; I cut and pieced and glued….then sprayed with Walnut Ink.  I am very pleased with the results.  Still to come, the map holders!

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  1. artemysos says:

    Well, where is this masterpiece?

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