Janet McLeod – Artist Statement

Travelling as Yani Hineihana

If I write an artist statement does that make me an artist?  Calling myself an artist is something I am hesitant to do.  I am happy to say I am creative and that I think the creative process is amazing!  It is something that I feel I have been very privileged to have the opportunity to explore.

I do from time to time call myself a photographer, I have been taught the skills and it gives me a good deal of pleasure to use them.  I am also a sewer, knitter, painter and creator of lots of crafted things, but to call myself an artist is something I am still hesitant to do.

I am a photographer who is inspired by nature including the human body.  I enjoy using my photographic skills to express myself through nature by capturing the essence of a place or person in an expressive or impressionistic way rather than fully representational.  I am attracted by the way the lights falls, the way colours may be intensified or subdued, the movement of a body part, a branch or the clouds across the sky.  I connect with nature by being with it and I extend this connection through the lens of my camera. I am now also learning to extend this further with my paint brush again more expressive than representational trying to capture the essence of my subject.

My art is very much about my own satisfaction and pleasure.  It is part of my personal journey.  By sharing my art with others I am inviting them to share a small part of my journey and it is through this sharing that I hope a connection is made that makes both our lives a little richer.

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