At the Guild: Janee Odon Mysticeti

“How can thoughts and ideas held for years begin to change so quickly?” Janee thought. She had only been at the Guild a few days; but already her perceptions of the world were changing. She had met so many new people from far away places and they were all so different from her, but they all shared the same excitement and preparations for the journey. After having rested up from the journey to the guild, she made her map and journal.

Now she was ready to do a little exploring. She remembered that off the corridor from her room was a doorway that led to a courtyard where she had seen a garden. She was missing her time outdoors in the forest and she was very curious to see what plants might be growing here. She entered the courtyard and sat down on a nearby bench. The sun felt so warm and good on her shoulders and she closed her eyes and just basked in it for a few minutes. Then she became aware that someone was quietly singing. She opened her eyes and looked across to one of the gardens and saw a woman tending to the flowers and herbs in the garden. As she continued to look, the woman glanced up and met her eyes. She smiled at Janee and beaconed her over to the garden.

“I see that you are enjoying the sun and the garden this morning”.

“I love plants and you have so many here that we don’t have in the forest.”

“I would be happy to show you around the garden and tell you all about the plants. My name is Ursula.”

Janee and Ursula spent the next few hours looking at all the herbs and flowers and talking about many things. At the end of their visit, Ursula handed Janee a small pouch. “Take this with you on your journey. Do not open it now. When the time is right, you will know to open it. Safe journey.” and with that, she turned her back and began tending the flowers once again. Janee carefully put the pouch in her pocket and returned to her room.


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3 Responses to At the Guild: Janee Odon Mysticeti

  1. vivian says:

    Lovely drawing. šŸ™‚
    IĀ“m looking forward to reading more…

  2. vivian says:

    Oops. DrawingS. (I only have dial-up, and pics donĀ“t upload so fast.). I like the map, too.

  3. artemysos says:

    Lovely illustrations… love Ursula as well!

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