Ghost eventually decided that he’d had enough of my tears. He nudged me and made it perfectly clear that he wanted a run. Wiping my eyes and face with my sleeve I jumped onto his back and let him take me where he wished to go, for I felt unable to make any decisions.

He took me back to the High Place, stopping to eat what was obviously sweet grass as I slid off him and sat, leaning against the carved stone tablet. The cool breeze was stronger than it had been on our last visit. My hair seemed to dance wildly and my spirits lifted as I stared out across the low lands and out to sea. Slowly, as if webs were being blown away, I began to refocus and to consider my options.

Should I turn my back on this quest? If I did, I would never know where I came from, who my true parents were. Did I wish to know? I realised that yes, I did, more so than ever. If there was really Shay blood within my veins I needed to know. What if the magic that Grunthrin had told me of was to stir within me? Would I know what it was or be able to control it? Surely if there were Shay out there they would help me learn. The mountain man had promised to be my mentor. For that I was grateful. He was old, experienced, skilled in the arts and in the ways of Rohinval. No doubt he knew paths and secrets that I would never find on my own. And I felt a surety that he had some knowledge of the Shay and their ways, had perhaps even known Shay personally, and thus could help me understand more of them, and of who I was.

My gaze wandered toward the west, past Kerriton to the High Road that made its way toward Corim and beyond. Toward the boundaries of Whittan Forest. That road led to the place where I had been found. And in that moment, I knew where I must go first, where my real journey would begin.

As the wind strengthened and grew colder, Ghost whinnied. I smiled up at him, stood and whispered in his ear before again jumping up onto his broad back. Together we journeyed back, back to the Guild and to the copse. There was much to do before we set off again.

About Linda D.

A mixed media artist and writer from Sheffield, England.
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  1. artemysos says:

    You have weaved such a deep relationship with Ghost. Very cool 😉

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