Arriving at the Guild’s Hall

I could feel the autumn chill in the air while Shobogenzo was walking the path towards what looked like a village about 2 kms from where we were. When I breathed in the cold air, I could feel it reaching my lungs. This cold is reinvigorating, but I’m not used to it so cold. Shobogenzo looked happy though, he was the happiest horse in the world. He seemed to love every bit of cold breeze! I couldn’t make it anymore so I pulled the reins softly and Shobo stopped. I dismounted him and checked the bags on the horse that I hanged behind the saddle when I prepared him in the stables at home.

“Eureka! Mum thinks about everything!” I exclaimed.

There it was, my old and lovely wool poncho.

When I pulled the poncho, something else that I didn’t put there fell on the path’s frozen surface.

“And granddad’s map!”Then I was relieved.”I’m walking friend” I told Shobogenzo. “You run as you like”.

The horse wanted it so much; he took off while I was still talking to him. “Alright Shob, this is SOME place, isn’t it?!” But he couldn’t hear me anymore because he was galloping those plains he’d probably always dreamed of. I followed the path and I saw that the horse was following too, although in his own way, far from me, but he’d never trotted in any direction where I couldn’t see him. We remained connected at all times, and after a little while, we reached an old bridge. And after the bridge, there was the village which actually looked more like a kind of school, now that I was seeing it from a closer position. Maybe a place of high knowledge with a touch of mysticism.

However, I felt it right there.

I felt at home.

And I had no doubt that mum and Granddad knew about all this.

(“Making of”; Watercolor and acrylic paints on watercolor paper. Size; 50cm x 80cm)

About soulportrait

Michaela Devi Genaine, Spain Although I am of Swiss origin, I have been living in Spain for 20 years. I moved to this country with my family when I was 9 years old, and have since then been involved with a broad spectrum of alternative projects, as well as being a pioneer of homeschooling. I am currently living in the Prades mountains near the Mediterranean Coast. I practice sustainable gardening, ecopsycology, art and psychosynthesis. I am fluent in English, Spanish and French.
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3 Responses to Arriving at the Guild’s Hall

  1. Linda D. says:

    Mmm beautiful painting. And love your story – that horse is something, eh? Enjoying your posts immensely.

  2. bonepainter says:

    Yay for comfortable, old, warm woolen ponchos! Beautiful painting, too.


  3. artemysos says:

    I like the mom part 😉 Gorgeous painting. Love those colors, direct from the story!!

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