Quiet days at Guild Halls…

…Been sitting in my art room, looking  out through the oriel window that opens over the river. These last few days have been glorious autumn days, sunny but quite cold. When the sun goes down and Mother Moon becomes fully visible in the dark sky, I make a good fire in the fire place. I have been out walking this morning, gathering sweet chestnuts that I boil and eat with honey at the side of the chimney.

This is like a time out of time. No rush, no stress – just enjoying being here at the Halls, waiting for the Departure Ceremony.

I have been thinking about the Journey, but not too much. It feels very important not to think ahead too much, taking each day as it comes, each Guild task as it is suggested.

 (The Blue Mountains, as seen from my little house, photo : SG, Oct.2010)

Been thinking about Druid School at the Sanctuary too. I have done my best to leave everything in good hands, so that I can be here at the Halls, and fully dedicate this time to finding…not the answers to my questions, but the right questions.

As I was walking back from the country side beyond the river, I thought of Megan and my “problem” with her. So I went to the dragon-pen to “talk” with her, and to tell her that I will probably leave her behind at the Halls, and travel with one of the horses of the Guild stables. She was very quiet. Sort of smiling, if a dragon can be said to be smiling. One thing she told me, “if one of your Guild tasks gets you near Elven Wood, go see the Dragon Master, I think that he will explain things to you about our little “problem”…” I said I would. Going to Elven Land is one of my projects, as is meeting the Dragon Master there.

I was surprised. No tantrum. Just a gentle whiff of something like…amusement? in Megan´s thoughts. We parted very peacefully, and as I turned towards the stables, I could hear a gleeful dragon chortle. It stopped me in my track. Naaaah, dragons do not giggle…??

Shaking my head I went to the stables to see the horses.

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4 Responses to Quiet days at Guild Halls…

  1. Linda D. says:

    Ah but I’m sure dragons chuckle 🙂
    Lovely photo, looks wonderful. My view from here is of the back of terraced houses, with a snippet of green ivy, a few waving branches of an ash tree and a tiny spot of blue sky behind the grey clouds, lol.

  2. bonepainter says:

    Beautiful photo. I am completely curious to know more about Vivian’s and Megan’s ‘peoblem’. 😉


  3. artemysos says:

    Me too, the problem and again the mix with reality is awesome!


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