Gemma’s Call to Journey

Light of Cae

She arrives just ahead
of the equinox
trails of autumnal light
swirling about

“Cae”, she offers
(and spells it
just to be certain)

“Portend(er) of Light––

Scent of sweet gingered
&coffee (freshly brewed)

and Elysian pools
…in the air

as she whispers
in adagio to the Night

(Do you hear it?)

Arm in arm,
we wade
into the Mystic––

…sent afloat across a river
of dreams

Warm &cool, dark
&light enmeshed

(Do you feel it?)

“The question is not what….
but when––
and You… must be ready”

Her words come more quickly:
eighth-notes stacked
in accordion pleats,

a familiar staccato

I do not understand
this language
––these lyrics

“We need…..”

Light pours through my fingers
in spun crystal, the spirit Cae emerges––
glistening pale blue

High Priestess
of Far Places

(Do you see?)

Her message repeats
and though I resist
…its wisdom is inherent

Cae, portend(er) of Light––
&L o v e

Her promise sweet
fresh &ancient
as the autumn dew

(Do you remember…?)


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5 Responses to Gemma’s Call to Journey

  1. coleenfranks says:

    Lovely Deb, great imagery and the picture is beautiful.

  2. Jill says:

    absolutely beautiful

  3. artemysos says:

    Deb, this is so very moving and evocative, so lovely, the picture too, otherworldy 😉

    xx Gena/Hovo

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