Adam Brough (Britain/Spain)


Jake Fish; conventional, run-of-the-mill. A "fish out of water" at the beginning of the journey.


Travels as Jake Fish.

Art, is a very important, nay, essential aspect of being human. As a kid I drew lots of stuff (my dad would take home old printed paper from work just for me and my sister to draw on!), I was an avid reader with a vivid imagination. I’ve even attempted musical instruments, and even if I’ve not been skillful, music does inspire me. And poetry has been a great creative adventure for me, and offered me an outlet in a form that is simple that needs no other material than a scrap of paper and a pen. Also like coming up with stories, and have come up with a few story ideas, even if I haven’t written them.

But it’s not just about being creative, there’s something alchemical and spiritual to art. Through art we transform the world we live in and also our perception of the world and of ourselves. And then to integrate this into a journey stops the art being static, and leaves the human spirit to really grapple with something that really moves. Real art, I think, is something you participate in, not just passively appreciate.

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3 Responses to Adam Brough (Britain/Spain)

  1. Jill says:

    couldn’t agree more with your views on being creative.

  2. artemysos says:

    Here, here, Jake, I totally agree!


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