Hovovetaso and the full moon…

Hovovetaso and the full moon…

I heard the Guildmistress call one night of the full moon when I was a couple worlds away, dancing with the Targi tribe of Indians in the desert plains of Esperanz.  I was there studying with the great medicine sages, learning about energy and healing.  I had undergone an initiatic rite and spent  the previous night in a hole in the desert.  It was a way of “dying” and being reborn.  I had many visions that night and dreamt  I was being strangled by a snake.  I thought to myself in my dream, surrender, maybe the snake has something to tell you.   But I felt it wrapping around my body as if to make me a mummy.  Difficult to surrender to this, especially since I dislike feeling cornered or contained.  I am a free spirit and love playing with the winds of change, flying with migrating flocks of geese and other birds.  And here I was like in some sort of cocoon feeling strangled, my worst nightmare…

I called upon my dragonfly for counsel.  I remember the little chant it had taught me to connect with its power: “Dragonfly… breaks illusions, brings visions of power, no need to prove it, now is the hour!  Know it, believe it, Great Spirit intercedes, feeding you, blessing you, filling all your needs.”

After that I just fell unconscious, somewhere in between sleep and dream.  I saw myself dancing with a tribe of Indians around an old sage woman.  I did not know why we were dancing around her.  I thought we were trying to help heal her, but in fact it was to transfer her spirit to me.  As I was dancing, the drums and flutes were so intoxicating, I felt like I was flying much of the time.  My left side was warmed by the fire, while my right side, facing the dark of the desert felt a constant chill…  I felt pulled and pushed by opposite forces and then all of the sudden the chanting and dancing stopped and I felt this incredible upsurge of energy, and heard within, “Hovovetaso, it is your turn to travel, come, come…”

About this time I woke up at the bottom of the hole I had slept in that night, and feeling the first rays of sun, I looked up to see a majestic eagle swoop down with much address, as it could barely open its wings in the hole, and pick me up. I wanted to ask it where it was taking me, but I didn’t have to. Somehow we were able to communicate without voice, through energy.  I was ecstatic, for I had been trying to communicate like this for some time.

Once above ground, I went into the chief’s tent but he was not there.  So I went into the medicine man’s tent and there was an old Indian woman I did not recognize.  “Tonight you will leave, you must prepare your affairs.  I am making you some herb mixes and amulets, they will keep you strong and centered.  Go gather the wild flowers you so cherish, and thank your native earth and all its creatures here as you will not be returning, at least not physically for a long time.  Your spirit will however return often.”

“But where am I going Great Healer?” I asked.

“My child, you are going off to explore other worlds and other times.  You are a synthesizer, you bring your gifts and receive others and then create yet others, this is both your gift and your life’s purpose.  It has made you lonely at times because you have no attachments, and have to keep meeting new people, but you do much good and you carry with you an inner joy that grows with your travels and connections.  There is no need to be afraid, you have always greeted the unknown with open arms and trust.  It is the ancient knowledge in you that enables you to do this.  Tonight, during our full moon dance, you will hear the guildmistress call again.  This time you will go.  Your owl brother will take you to the mountain where your eagle brother will then fly you through the labyrinth of time, and the energy highways to the guild.  Go my child, you must finish your preparations now.  Here is a little carnet that we made you.  You can capture the parts of the trip you want… Also it will provide you with counsel should ever you need it.  On any page, you will find what you need.”

I was touched by the lovely gift and knew it would serve me.  “Thank you Great Healer,” I said, blushing with good fortune. I looked at the old Indian with both reverence and tears.  What incredible good I felt coming from her.  It was a feeling of infinite strength and love, so strong it made me cry. I was excited to move on and explore more and do more research and meet new people…  Who was this guildmistress I wondered?  She sounded important and very respected and powerful.  I was so looking forward to this new chapter of my life…

Fire ceremony dance
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5 Responses to Hovovetaso and the full moon…

  1. ahhtmasphere says:

    Synthesizer, how wonderful. Love the flight with the owl and the eagle, and drawings….. fly like a bird……

  2. bonepainter says:

    Wonderful… enchanted by the spirit of Hovo’s journey… auspicious beginnings under a full moon. Great drawings, too!


  3. artrites says:

    I love the idea of the carnet as a bookof guidance! This is a lovely story.

  4. artemysos says:

    Hovo is honored, me dear fellow travelers, that you took the time to read her story and leave your kind thoughts. We bow in reverence.

  5. vivian says:

    The fire painting is wonderful, I´m looking forward to reading more of Hovo´s adventures…:-)

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