The Guildmistress’ Welcome

The Guildmistress

Welcome to the Travelling Artist’s Guild. We are delighted that you have responded to our call and are here now with the will to undertake your journeys.

The guild artists have prepared a room for each of you in the Guild Halls. We hope you will find your accommodation satisfactory. You are free to explore the Guild Halls in their entirety, and you may make space for yourselves in any of the workshops and ateliers you might discover, as fits your inclinations. In the store rooms, you will find all the materials you need to make your journey preparations. Use them freely as you prepare for your travels through the Imagi-Nation. If you wish, you may ask any of the resident Guild artists you meet in the halls to act as your mentor. All will willingly help and advise you as you make ready for your Going Forth.

Imagi-Nation is the most extensive realm in all creation, and we know only the smallest part of it. The Imagi-Nation lives through the exploration, discovery, and sharing undertaken by brave artists who venture out to travel and learn. Most of the artists who live here have travelled at least once in their lifetime, that is how we know that we cannot learn new things by remaining within these walls.

The Guild is much, much older than you might imagine. In the course of its existence, many thousands of artists have ventured out in the Guild’s name and brought back tales, skills, knowledge, and insight. Their travelling trunks line the Journey Hall, and, Spirit willing, your trunks will also find their place here for all time, on your return. It is unlikely that you will all set out on your journeys at the same time. Indeed, it would be foolhardy to step out into the uncharted expanses of Imagi-Nation unprepared, simply because another artist chooses to go forth at a given time.

Before you venture abroad, you will need to create several necessary items, if you do not have them already. You will require a trunk or other receptacle in which to carry materials you take with you and those you gather on your journey. No matter what the materials and dimensions of your trunk, you will find it easy to carry with you as you travel. This is one of the respects in which the Imagi- Nation provides us with advantages unknown in some of the worlds from which you have travelled to reach us. You will require a journal of sorts in which to document your travels and your learning, either in writing or art or both. You will also need to make a doll to represent your travelling self. You and your doll will be of the same Spirit, and that is the reason your doll will remain with us in the Guild — in the Journey Hall — as your anchor. The Mistress of Treasures and I will take care of your dolls while you are travelling.

Perhaps the strangest item you will create is a map, using only your intuition to guide you. The map is strange in the sense that it will show you some of where you are about to travel, land hitherto undreamed of. Your map will show you landscapes and settlements known only to you, in all the universe and all time. You will see the locations of many places as you work, but will, for the time being, have no knowledge of the order in which you will pass through them, if at all. Nor can you know, as yet, who you will meet or what you will experience as you wander your landscape. You will likely find that you need to add to your map as your journey proceeds.

For now, familarise yourself with the Guild Halls, as you perceive them. Complete your preparations. Talk with each other and with the artists you meet in the Guild rooms. Those who have travelled in the past have much to tell you that could be helpful. You have all the time you need to ask and to listen, to explore and to prepare.

Soon, each of you will journey forth into that part of the Imagi-Nation you are destined to explore and share with us. In the not too distant future, each of you will take part in your Going Forth ceremony in the Journey Hall. All of the above is your preparation for that. You will know when you are ready for your Going Forth. For now, all you need know is that you will hear a story then that is meant only for you, and you will choose a door through which to leave the Guild and venture out into the Imagi-Nation.

Prompts & Activities

These prompts and activities are optional. They can help you find ideas for art and writing to fill the journals you created. Members of the Travelling Artists’ Group are very welcome to post some of their outcomes on the blog. (Category: Journey, First Tag: “Your journey name”)

Please take care not to fall into the trap of thinking you must/should do everything suggested here, unless it suits you to do everything, that is. Those of you still working on travel prep objects may not have time to work with the prompts at this time. You can come back to the prompts at any time during the journey, if you wish. Returning to older prompts can be a good way of busting blocks while remaining in the journey mind. If your intuition suggests other activities and issues for your journal, trust your intuition. Use media and techniques that work for you, but try to stretch yourself occasionally, by trying out media, techniques and art forms you haven’t worked with before. Experiment! Play! Create!

  • Create something that shows what the Guild building looks like for you, on the inside and the outside. The Guild buildings can appear in many forms.
  • Create something that shows what the Journey Hall looks like for you.
  • Create something that shows what the compass in the floor of the Journey Hall looks like to you.
  • Create something that shows your workspace in the Guild.
  • Describe (in whatever form you choose) an encounter with one of the Guild artists (not someone from our group) who has travelled in the past. What would you ask?
  • Describe (in whatever form you choose) an encounter with a Guild artist (not someone from our group) who would be a suitable mentor for you. What would you ask your mentor? What would you like your mentor to do for you? What is it about the person that makes him or her a desirable mentor?
  • Journal about your hopes and fears in connection with the journey ahead.

About artrites

Some people would see only a middle aged woman, albeit fairly well preserved, but in reality, I'm an English writer and artist (order exchangeable) living in Germany. I'm a blended learning specialist, graphic designer, and train adult education teachers, when I can find the work. There is far, far more to me that even that, of course, but discovering that is the journey you can undertake by reading this blog.
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6 Responses to The Guildmistress’ Welcome

  1. vivian says:

    Wow! (That´s the short way to show my enthusiasm!) Got everything ready and am arriving at the Guild Hall in two or three days. Had problems with my travelling dragon, lol. Damn things! They are lovely creatures but they get down from the air whenever they have had enough, NOT when they arrive at the planned destination!
    See you soon.
    Vivian, coming in from The Sanctuary.

  2. Linda D. says:

    Mmm nice prompts. I’d already decided that one of the first sketches/ drawings in my new journal should be of the Guild Hall, but was thinking of only one. Your ideas make me realise how much more I could imagine of it – thank you.

  3. Jill says:

    Yay! … these prompts really help to open up the inner vision of where Raven is travelling to – fabulous, thank you.

  4. bonepainter says:

    Fantastic description and prompts. I’m just completely riveted.

  5. soulportrait says:

    Wonderful! I love it 😀
    And that’s just the beginning, W-O-W.

  6. artemysos says:

    Guild Mistress, you are so wise and have created such a wonderful journey for us. What delightful prompts. This is sure to be an enriching journey for all. Thank you so much for your warm, friendly and benevolent welcome!

    xx Hovo

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