Meet Isabelle Dragon Issy for short

Meet Isabelle Dragon  Issy for short

I am a fairy by choice and a dragon by nature, if you can call a 7 inch tall purple dragon with rainbow scales natural.  I look much better as a fairy . I am an amulet maker  My bags have been sold far and wide. I own a small shop that sets on the edge of the human world and can only be seen by humans when they are truly seeking my help .

While in the human world I appear human . My passion is animal rescue both magical and non magic creatures  deserve to be loved and cared for.  My constant companion is a gray and white cat known as the bearded lady she has a crooked tail and a white beard she  goes everywhere with me .

Call to the Guild

I was setting in my shop working on an amulet bag for a  special auction that benefits animal rescue . When a very excited little man bursts into my shop.  He was tiny maybe a foot tall wearing a two foot tall black top hat green plaid pants and a bright purple jacket . This guy just screamed chaos . He had a very  official looking letter in his hands and rushed up to me asking if I was Issabella Dragon I cringed and said “Yes I am but I prefer to be called Issy ,Isabelle  sounds so stuck up and snobbish.  I stopped using that name years ago.”

He quietly handed me the letter and disapeared   I don’t mean he walked out the door I mean he simply wasn’t there anymore. That always freaks me out.

“The letter was printed on  fancy paper and said
you are a dreamer
a weaver of words
an artist without a cause
you are always looking for the impossible
for the things that no one else believes.
The artist guide will help you find what you seek
please leave at once for the world of imagi-nation
see the supply list below
travel as a dragon  is recomended as it is  the best way to ensure your safe arrival

according to the letter it stated that traveling as a dragon was the safest way to arrive at the guild     Really safer as a dragon surly you jest!  have you seem me as my dragon self ? im seven inches tall for pitty sakes and im bright purple with rainbow colored scales. I do not make good company with other dragons.

I packed my bags making sure i had all of the supplies listed and the Bearded lady and I were on our way . I always knew I would be called to a guild someday .  I knew I would go with no questions . It is something I have been waiting for .  For a very long time.

I choose to travel at night I traveled as both a fairy and a dragon depending on where I was and who was near by .

I arrived at the guild the next morning a truly beautiful place with huge  iron gates protecting a beautiful building that seemed to go on for miles .  giant purple mountains appeared to be a part of the building somehow .

I can see many creatures within,  dragons both large and small, fairies, elfs, shape shifters, and many creatures that are unknown to me.

I steped thru the gate anxious to begin my journey in the world of Imagi-nation.

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5 Responses to Meet Isabelle Dragon Issy for short

  1. artrites says:

    Issy is delightful, and her personality shows through. I’m looking forward to her journey.

  2. Linda D. says:

    Intriguing start, and Issy sounds such fun 🙂 Looking forward to travelling with you both!

  3. Jill says:

    Welcome Issy to our every growing community – what a wonderful introduction to an intriguing traveling companion.

  4. bonepainter says:

    I love Issy already. Very captivating beginning.

    I love “I don’t mean he walked out the door I mean he simply wasn’t there anymore. That always freaks me out.” LOL

    Looking forward to journeying with you.

  5. artemysos says:

    Oh Issy, I caught a glimpse of you the other evening – was that you with the Guild owl… I could swear it was… look forward to traveling with you 😉

    xx Hovo

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