Meet Hovovetaso


Meet Hovovetaso, a Cheyenne Indian name that means “Dragonfly.”  The spirits call her Hovo for short, as she sometimes moves so quickly that no one has time to say her entire name.  Actually, it is only illusion that she moves quickly though.  She knows how to bend time and is a shapeshifter.  She does travel through space and time on the energy highways.  Hence, if you take a closer look at her body, she does not always materialize in the exact same pattern as when she left.

Notice the clocks on her bird, she uses these to move forward or backward, depeding on her needs.  Her eyes are turned within as she knows that is where the real travelling takes place.  Notice the dragonfly on her shoulder. This is her animal totem, and her faithful companion. Her dress has a big front pocket for tools – for the moment a wand and a key are in it. The key can unlock anything, really!

As you will notice, Hovo is only one dimensional. This is so that she can more easily slip through cracks as she is studying the fascinating world of energy. She is shown here on one of her favorite birds. She recently learned to talk to animals and trees. She is studying with indigenous peoples, witches, Shamans and healers.  This is just one of the beautiful birds she has come across in her travels. It was singing one lovely spring morning in the park. Hovo fell in love with its voice and begged the bird to give her singing lessons. And they have become inseperable friends ever since.

If you will notice, Hovo’s legs look as if they are always running. But she has decided that she is going to slow down on the trip and take in the sights. She is so looking forward to her travels with her other guild friends. What a wonderful opportunity to meet and play with such a beautifully wild and ecletic group of artists. She has waited many life times for this. Do take a good  look at Hovo though as since she is a shapeshifter, she may just change appearance in the course of her travels!

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4 Responses to Meet Hovovetaso

  1. Linda D. says:

    Hovo is so pretty, and I love her intro. Looking forward to glimpsing more of her as she travels 😉

  2. Jill says:

    A shapeshifter eh, i shall watch for shimmerings on the edges of my vision, hopefully i will catch sight of her as she goes by – she is someone i would love to meet.

  3. bonepainter says:

    Beautiful! What a compelling story. Can’t wait to see what unfolds…

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