I am Ravencara

Ravencara is my birth name, Raven for the blue-black-winged one who sat by my mother’s side, waiting to greet me upon my entrance into this world. Cara is a suffix many of us have, it means ‘beloved’ or ‘friend’. In my case it shows I am friend of Raven and all her clan and kin, and that Raven is my elemental teacher and totem.

As a race we are hidden from modern-world view, we are human in essence but not always in appearance. Over centuries we have learned the art of shaping our selves to suit our needs and as a community have managed to stay safe amongst the turmoil cast upon our beloved earth by those of our species who use conflict as a way to live their lives. We are quiet folk, shy even, peaceably going about our daily life without the need for unnecessary noise. We do, however, sing and dance and drum a great deal – we celebrate life in all its glory often, having many festival days.

On reaching a certain level of teaching from one’s elemental kin it is a tradition of our tribe that each of us leave to join one of several Guilds in order to further our personal development and, in many cases, attain our adult name. This is a major transition in life, marking, as it does, the rite of passage from one way of being to another – from, in many ways, dependent child, to independent adult.

As I have shown an aptitude for and great love of creativity, I am to join the Travelling Artist’s Guild. I have made my travelling bag and am ready now to enter the Guild. As I set forth on this, the first step on a year long journey, I have such mixed feelings, sadness at leaving all those I know and love and the safety of my home environment; anticipation and excitement at the journey to come, all those I shall meet along the way, all that which I may learn and grow by.

About Jill

http://landofdreaming.wordpress.com An artist inspired by nature in all her glorious guises and the ‘inner’ worlds I have inhabited in the past, present and future; also those of other wanderers I meet along the way.
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6 Responses to I am Ravencara

  1. vivian says:

    Ravencara! So nice to meet you again! 🙂
    Will be at the Halls in a few days (had problems with my travelling dragon…you know, it is Megan, and she is a bit …hem…temperamental…;-))

  2. Linda D. says:

    Lovely to meet you, your story is fascinating. And love your descriptions 🙂

  3. bonepainter says:

    Oh, intriguing beginning… I’m looking forward to getting to know Ravencara better.

  4. artemysos says:

    Ravencara, love your story here, it portrays you beautifully. Look forward to travelling with you 😉

    xx Hovo

  5. soulportrait says:

    I love your descriptions too, Ravencara .
    I’ll be one eager fan of yours 😉


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