Gena Lumbroso (Colorado (USA)/France)

Travels as Hovovetaso

I love creating and making art because they set me free, let me fly, and are just plain fun. The process pushes me to discover my own energies, to excavate my own resources, to get to know my own soul. Like everyone else, I am shaped by certain conventions that may squelch or block my free expression, and cause me to feel fragmented at times. The remedy for maintaining wholeness, at least for me, is expressing my creative spirit in some art form, or getting out in nature so my heart and soul can freely dance and reconnect.

When cs (creative spirit) and I get together, magic ensues. My imagination can get pulled in by color, an idea, a texture… Then experimenting, dreaming, designing, sketching, researching all run together and I excitedly look on as the project goes through stages of transformation, shaping its own life. Each project is a small journey, a little adventure, an intimate moment with my intuition and fantasy world and through it all, I learn to trust, as I know doing so is not only exciting, but also is sure to paint a more courageous, wild and joyous me on the outside.  I realize now that a project only feels complete when a piece of my heart and a little of my creative spirit have merged with it.

I love mixed media; sewing paper, for instance… I like unconventional uses of supplies, free motion sewing and dolls! I am crazy about papers of all kinds, fibers and material; color, markers, paint and drawing make my heart sing. I enjoy discovering new techniques, and adore finding new ways of using old things. I weave words and sometimes light, and am shaped by music. I would like to inspire people with my art, pull them in and fly with them a bit, urge them to ask or answer questions, provoke their senses of wonder, bring them peace, healing, or feelings of solace, give them incentive to fly themselves or to greet their own creative spirits.

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1 Response to Gena Lumbroso (Colorado (USA)/France)

  1. vivian says:

    Hi, there! So happy that we will share this Journey!
    Vivian(Shakti), in Western Midgard.

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