Character´s Bio/Vivian

(Image : Paper doll, first tasks, SG, 2010)

Description of the Character/Shakti Genaine-Vivian ((Spain)

Vivian is Head Mistress of her own Druid School, which is a Mystery School of Western Midgard. She manages The Sanctuary and she is also an expert Dragonrider. How she became that is a very long story, and maybe some of it will transpire during the Journey. She was trained by Master Blaise (Merlin´s teacher), both in this physical world (Midgard) and in the so-called Otherworld (Asgard). Vivian is a visionary artist, who uses her talent of “inner seeing” to further the development of her School. Her second name is “She-Who-Walks-Between-The-Worlds”, and as it indicates, she lives with one foot on the rocky ground of her beloved mountains, and one foot in the spiritual world of Imagi-Nation.

About shakti

Psychosynthesis and Art.
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2 Responses to Character´s Bio/Vivian

  1. bonepainter says:

    What a gorgeous doll. Fascinating character – she totally resonates with me.

  2. artemysos says:

    Wow, love Vivian, I think she must be somehow related to Hovo 😉


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