Artist Statement

(Image : Journey´s Map, folded, first tasks, SG, 2010)

Shakti Genaine (Spain)

…As an artist I´m not really interested in art for art´s sake, my own brand is more adventurous, and less conventional. I have called it “soul-connected art”, or…  “a stenography of the soul”, and that is exactly what I mean.

A friend (Susan, actually) has expressed her opinion of my point of view so well, in answer to an e-mail of mine in one of the art groups that I was participating in, that I will just copy what she said :

(…)“I think you defined what art means to you very well indeed. Almost all of the things/styles/ projects you do, and the things we’ve done in the various groups, can be used as tools to help the people who come to you develop and deepen their insight into self and connectedness, whether it be handmade art journals, soulcards, spirit dolls, painting, altered books, objects, or any of the many other things. Like you, I think art can and should be an integral part of your curriculum, because both the process and the product are important to self-actualisation and a path to empowerment. I’ve found that many people have been brought up to consume art, but what they need to learn is how to create art and through that to communicate who and what they are, what they may be, first to themselves and then to others.”(…)

That is it, in a nutshell. My friend called this “art-ing”, art as a verb – and I also see it that way : art as a verb, a living energy that moves, that dances, that provokes further creation, that illuminates, a process, not a dead “thing”, not as an end-product. My joy is to see other people ex-press themselves, giving themselves a voice, a visible space in the world.

About shakti

Psychosynthesis and Art.
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3 Responses to Artist Statement

  1. Linda D. says:

    Have always admired your arting. It was seeing your creations that helped inspire me to explore my own art-play. So pleased to meet up again.

  2. Jill says:

    Oh yes to arting! 😉

  3. artemysos says:

    Loving that art energy too!

    xx Hovo

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