Kalili awaits the Journey

My world is a mysterious one to those who live in the above world. What to me is second nature and comfortable as my own skin, can appear strange and even frightening to those who are unfamiliar with my ways. Your night is my day, for instance. My vision is attuned to what you cannot see, because I see with more than my eyes. I see with a deep inner vision that makes what is hidden as clear as broad daylight.

I see things you cannot see

I do not usually come above ground and have not done so for many, many years. However, as foretold in the time even before I was born and even before my parents were born, in a story that has been passed on for generation after generation, there will be a time when I am greatly needed in your world. A time when I will journey through the great divide between your world and mine, when I will transmit into the above world, some of the wisdom I have gained in mine. For years I have been noticing this signs and it is clear to me that this time is now at hand.

In the last months, as the signs have become clearer, I have begun to collect those items that will be needed for my journey. I have assembled my traveling suitcase and have filled it with the ancient guidebooks and maps that will assist me in navigating an unfamiliar world. I have collected the remedies and antidotes that I will need for the healing work that will be asked of me. I will also bring the disguises I will need for the places where my appearance may be too strange or frightening to those I have come to visit.

Kalili in her traveling trunk

I am approaching the Guild, with Journey Hall at its center. I know this not by the usual appearance that you might know, by its cathedral walls, the carved wooden doors and the multicolored stained glass windows, but instead by the weight and heft of the stone foundation that supports the Hall from below. My entrance to the hall is through an underground passageway that leads me to a door just outside the compass room. There I will make my entrance along with the other Traveling Artists.

I am approaching the Guild with the Journey Hall at its center

Only the Guild Mistress is able to see me as I truly am. To the others, even to the other artists, my appearance may still be too terrible and strange. It is for them that I wear the transforming cloak. They do not see the snake that I wear coiled around my waist, nor the dragon that rides on my shoulder, though these are as much a part of me as my head or my feet. But they and others will benefit from my wisdom, and from the wisdom of the snake and the dragon. Although I live in a land of darkness and shadow, my purpose is only and ever to transmit deep healing in the journey that is soon to come. Beyond that, even I do not know exactly what awaits me. I wait with a sense of anticipation that surprises me. It has been a long time.

About kalilitraveler

Artist and writer, I create healing dolls and write stories about them.
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7 Responses to Kalili awaits the Journey

  1. ahhtmasphere says:

    Wonderful. I cannot wait to make your acquaintance…..

  2. Linda D. says:

    From out of the shadows, I see you approach and am fascinated, for I sense that you are more than what you appear to be. Perhaps because of the studied look given you by the Guild Mistress, a look that seems to see more than I can. I nod and smile, and watch as you greet us all. Zentara.
    Brilliant!!! Linda.

  3. Aatmasphere and Zentara, perhaps we should take a walk under the stars as we await our journey? I hear that they will be brilliant tonight.



  4. bonepainter says:

    Wonderful! Kalili is very fascinating… I’m anticipating an interesting journey!

  5. artemysos says:

    I love Kalili, very heart-warming and wise 😉

    xx Hovo

  6. Thank you, Hovo. I think we are both shape shifters in a way. Perhaps we will see each other in one form or another as we await out journey.


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