Zentara Shadowsoul arrives at the Guild

My name is Zentara Shadowsoul, and I was brought up by the Zigandi Nomads in the lands of Rohinval. The Zigandi traverse the northern trade routes from Bereem in the west to Eskport in the east. Living in covered and painted wagons, they trade goods, including their own crafted wickerware, paintings and carvings. The Zigandi have taught me many things, including herbal, cooking and artistic skills, as well as something about the towns and cities that they visit, although their knowledge of the rest of the lands is very limited.

Although treated well by the Zigandi, they are not my people. Of my true parents and family I know nothing – I was found as a baby just outside one of the many Traveller Rests along the High Road just north of the Whittan Forest.

For many years I have wondered who I am. There are many Peoples within our lands: the Bereem, the Arlendi, the Ishen and the Ostranians being just a few. As we entered the city of Kerriton this time, I felt a yearning to search for the truth. And being skilled in certain artistic techniques, I was drawn to the Travelling Artists’ Guild – their Hall on the outskirts of Kerriton almost shouted at me to enter.

The Zigandi have been my family for the 25 years of my life and theirs is the only life that I have so far known. It was with very mixed feelings, therefore, that I approached the clan chief, Isolda, and explained my need to leave the clan. However, she understood and gave me her blessing, as if she had expected this day to arrive. After the caravans drew into the traders camp on the outskirts of Kerrition, I hesistantly collected my few personal belongings, for the Zigandi always travel light, and parted from them with a mingling of sorrow and excitement at starting a new life. It was a short walk to the Guild Hall, and although I felt rather daunted at the prospect of entering such a well-known and prestigious place, I overcame my fear and stepped across the threshold.

And so, here I am, at the Travelling Artists’ Guild Hall. After appraising my skills and upon hearing my story, they welcomed me into the Guild and have allowed me use of one of the visitor rooms as well as the facilities that all Guild members can access. Since my arrival, I’ve been able to find maps of the lands within the Guild Library and have begun to meticulously copy them in readiness for my quest journey.


The Lands of Rohinval




Central Rohinval


The map was initially hand-drawn then scanned and the background colours and names added using Paint Shop Pro. The Central map was cropped from the main map, and further names were added. I hope to improve on both maps as the journey progresses.

About Linda D.

A mixed media artist and writer from Sheffield, England.
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6 Responses to Zentara Shadowsoul arrives at the Guild

  1. Jill says:

    Beautiful maps and a wonderful introduction to Zentara .. can’t wait to hear more.

  2. bonepainter says:

    I love Zentara’s story – it has a familiar feel to me. Your maps are great, with so much detail.

  3. artemysos says:

    Beautiful maps and inspiring read, Linda, I mean Zentara, so glad to be travelling with you…

    xx Hovo

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