Shiao Mei Mei’s story… and construction… and other stuff…

Here’s Shiao Mei Mei’s story:
She’s already had a few adventures in her tiny life on board the Chinese sailing boat (a junk), sailing around islands in the south seas. Her tribe, the people who live on her particular island, had great initiation rites of passage for the young. The task she was given was to search the neighboring islands for certain special seeds, plants, and herbs that the people were missing on their island. During this adventure not only did she learn to care for plants and seeds, and her people, but she also learned to sale the junk in all sorts of weather. In fact she got pretty good at reading the weather and knowing when to head for safe harbor. Now she was sitting on her beach with a small fire, studying the stars and feeling the ache to travel again. Far off she hears a drumming and the sound of a far off flute playing. It is the call to adventure… where will it take her?

A word on the altered doll construction… I take vintage cloth and porcelain dolls, add a light layer of plaster, gesso and paint and then embellish. Shiao Mei Mei needed new braids, some ribbon and ankles and wrists and she has a scrap of vintage silk from Taiwan on her front.

Here’s the map of her islands in the south seas, previous adventures, power spots, places of beauty and joy, etc. The map itself was borrowed from Free Fantasy Maps and once I’d altered it and printed it out, I could wax it and rough up the edges to give it an ancient look. I’m sure more maps will follow this one, it’s a very fun process, involving imagination, play, and art making!

Here’s her Paper Bag Journal, one of the pamphlet binding booklets, and her traveling trunk. The trunk is an altered Chinese leather trunk with bits of leather added to the front, paint, paper, a button, and some gold “rub and buff”.

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  1. cicadiaxiii says:

    Oh how exciting. I love how you have taken something that has age and given it new life. Wonderful old trunk!! Happy Voyage.

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