Coleen Franks (USA/Ukraine)

Travels as Coco

I am Coleen Franks aka Coco traveling in this wide world journey.  I am an American who’s been experiencing life from another culture for almost 17 years in the eastern European land of Ukraine.  As many on this journey, living in a different culture develops vision and perspective on all of life that I didn’t have prior to living here.

In college I majored in sculpture and minored in drawing because I felt that was the least limiting. That was when only the traditional fields were offered (60’s).  Then life waylaid me with work, kids and moving to the mission field (Ukraine) so my only art along the way was kid’s hair bows, painting on their clothes and small things here and there, but I always had a sketchbook.

Now we are empty nesters (July) and I’ve been going at it strong for the last couple years.  Such a great adventure to find direction again and create.  It makes me happy.  God made me this way.

To put it in a category I suppose you’d call it mixed-media, but I never liked being limited.  I am doing an artist journal, a great outlet since I like to write and do  poetry.  My altered book  right now is a bird theme and I’m a gardener  so photography is a natural.  My new found fun is zentangles.   I do a lot with paper(mini-books) and fabric.  My current project is a quilted book cover in Teresa Moore style.  I love playing with beads, ephemera and found objects.  I also see myself as an art quilter, but still much to learn there.

My work here is leading “Faith-Booking”(scrapbook) classes and prayer journals with the ladies of Ukraine.  I also lead/teach crafts with my team in Sunday school and camps.  This is a great joy for me to give them the act of creating.  Now I am preparing for a second annual women’s coference where I will do an art/prayer journal with close to 60 ladies.  WooHoo, Fun!

It is my honor to be a part of this journey and I know it will be a growing experience that I anticipate will take me to new magical lands I’m yet to discover in my creativity.

About coleenfranks

I am an artist and we are American missionaries living in Ukraine (almost 20 yrs.). I love living in Europe with my wonderful husband. We have two daughters who live in America. I am a mixed-media artist for want of not being put in a box. Actually I like to do lots of things, but that best characterizes what I do. I'm doing an altered book, an art journal, I do mini-books and a bit of altered art. Sometimes I make jewelry and sculpt. I teach crafts and scrapbooking here. Visit our blogs to see more and tell me what you think by leaving a comment. I'd love to hear from you. Blessings to you.
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1 Response to Coleen Franks (USA/Ukraine)

  1. artemysos says:

    Joy spills out of your introduction 😉 So happy you are travelling here 😉

    xx Hovo

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