Cosmic Pearl

Travels as Cosmic Pearl

I have been living close to the land.  Presently I am living in the desert in New Mexico.  I have been studying how people live without modern conveniences.  I guess I am on my quest to understand Thoreau’s art of living, only rather than having a pond to live by I have chosen a desert.

My name is Pearl because I have been molded by the excretions of the world around me but have not become the world.  I have become my own universe…thus my first name Cosmic.   I am on a spiritual journey to know Truth mixed with a lot of Love and Compassion, for I believe that that is where God resides.

How did I end up here in this desert?  Well I have been living on a commune in Tenn called Moonshadow.  I have been learning how to make my own bread, grow my own food and become more sufficient.  I even learned how to make a cob house.  

One day a man named Quiet Owl, that was visiting there, told me about some ‘free’ land that was available in New Mexico.  He also gave me the name of a man there who had started a community where they were building earth shelters.  I just arrived here at The Land Of Earth and Sky yesterday.

Although the journey I am taking will take a year in Earth time, fortunately in Cosmic time, time itself is irrelevant.  I am free to learn where I am for as long as I need to. I have a community of friends and artists, lovers of life, givers and seekers of Truth that I will be traveling with.  I am so excited to be on my quest for Truth, Understanding and Compassion.

Cosmic Pearl and her Journals 

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1 Response to Cosmic Pearl

  1. artemysos says:

    Cosmic Pearl bring a richness and wisdom with her; so glad to have you two along 😉

    xx Hovo

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