Deborah Gilchrist (Michigan, US)

Travels as Gemma Luminosa/bonepainter

I’ve always been drawn to the inexplicable, the wonderment, things that leave me to ponder – offering an open invitation to explore further. In my earliest years, I satisfied this craving through books, devouring them like candy. Creativity, music and an inherent connection to the natural world have been ever-present. Trees and water… a woodland lake will always feel like home.

As a child, I often felt the essence of another realm just beyond our physical awareness. I eventually learned to shut this out, to a good degree, though never quite completely. I think many of us do this.

When assorted circumstances unfolded and converged in my life more than a decade ago, I was soul-slammed. Whoa. This (re)awakening to a deeper reality changed – and continues to change – everything. I stand in awe.

Childhood; the precious gifts of mother- and grandmother-hood; a winding career path that most often led me to be in service to others as teacher, leader, mentor and always student have collectively formed the fabric upon which I’m graciously allowed to weave the stories, old and new.

I love paper. Pencils and watercolors. Stones, beads, crystals, fibers and threads, bits and bobs. I love things with a gentle, worn patina or a rough and calloused quality. Cracks, wrinkles, ragged edges. The changing of the seasons… to reveal that fleeting, sacred space between breaths. To honor what has come before and what is yet to come.

I write poems. I make jewelry. I draw, photograph and create in a variety of media and also digitally, sometimes combining it all. Textures, colors, layers. I like the unexpected complement of shiny to dust, sparkle to rust. The exquisite beauty and grittiness that make up the soul – these are what move me and what I wish my art and writing to express. I’ve traded perfectionist tendencies for beautiful truth.

I hope to touch the mystic, and to unbury the treasures that whisper to that divine place in others, as well… gently beckoning them to join me in deeper exploration.

A lofty desire, but as it should be.

When the call to journey with The Travelling Artist’s Guild fell to Earth directly in my path, there was no question. I’m thrilled to be traveling with this inspiring and diverse sisterhood of artists. What will the coming year bring?

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2 Responses to Deborah Gilchrist (Michigan, US)

  1. artemysos says:

    Moonsister – what beautiful threads your life tapestry is woven of 😉

    xx Hovo

  2. ahhtmasphere says:

    Sparkling Gem that you are….. beautifully written. You are the mystic.

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