Art Project: Create a Travelling Trunk/Box

For this journey you will need a travelling box or trunk or bag of some description, to hold various items you make or find while journeying. Dimensions are up to you, though I suggest you keep in mind you’ll want to add various dimensional objects as you go. Ideally, all the journals and art you create during your journey should fit into the trunk/box/bag. If you know you create large works, keep that in mind when choosing your journey box. You might go for something simple, like a boot-size shoe carton. Mine will be made from two three-bottle wooden wine crates. One of your first tasks is to create your travelling trunk/box.

Inspiration and Tutorial Links

Google these search terms and switch from the “web” to “images” view.

  • “altered box”
  • “altered travel box”
  • “decorated travel trunk”
  • “steamer trunk”
  • “altered wooden chest”
  • “altered shoe box”

Links (you may need to paste lines to re-join them)

Altered Wooden Tea Box

Altered Box

Vesterheim Trunk

Peace Box

Secret Bird Society

About artrites

Some people would see only a middle aged woman, albeit fairly well preserved, but in reality, I'm an English writer and artist (order exchangeable) living in Germany. I'm a blended learning specialist, graphic designer, and train adult education teachers, when I can find the work. There is far, far more to me that even that, of course, but discovering that is the journey you can undertake by reading this blog.
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