Art Project: Create a Paper/Fabric/Mixed Media Doll

Your doll is a representation of your journey character. This is probably a project that requires little explanation, as I’m guessing we have all made dolls galore, in various media. I’ve listed a handful of resources below, anyway.

Feel welcome to share your favourite doll resources, so we can all extend our knowledge and develop new skills.


Bead Doll gallery

Art Paper Dolls

Doll Templates and Tutorials


Paper Dolls

Paper Doll Printables

Victorian Doll Ornaments

About artrites

Some people would see only a middle aged woman, albeit fairly well preserved, but in reality, I'm an English writer and artist (order exchangeable) living in Germany. I'm a blended learning specialist, graphic designer, and train adult education teachers, when I can find the work. There is far, far more to me that even that, of course, but discovering that is the journey you can undertake by reading this blog.
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1 Response to Art Project: Create a Paper/Fabric/Mixed Media Doll

  1. coleenfranks says:

    Wow, Susan! Thanks for all these resources. I’ve been a bit stuck on this one and no doubt all this will get me going.

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